Natasa-Spiros Studios

Accommodation in Paleokastritsa

Lisa W           

These apartments aren't the best, very small with no air con which made the apartment very HOT at night and made it not so easy to sleep - I got round that one by having plenty of alcohol (I suggest you try the San Fransisco cocktails at Cactus bar)!

There is a bus stop right outside which takes you to Corfu Town, think they are about every 30 minutes.
There's a good supermarket with cashline 5 minutes down the road and then about 20 minutes to the beach, Poisedon. You can also reach a lovely bay via the Acupulco Apartments which is about 15 minutes from Natassa & Spiros.
Paleo is stunning, very blue and green, you can hardly tell apart the sea from the sky, the water is so clear. We rented a boat for 2 days which cost 130 Euros, which I would definately recommend. Paleo has loads of secluded bays and caves which can only be reached by boat!
Overall, the apartments could have been worse and you can only look at them as somewhere to put your head at night. The location isn't so bad as I mentioned above, only 5 minutes away from local supermarket and 2 minutes around the corner to a lovely family run restaurant, Matildis.

Mal R           

Yes, it's a trek to the nearest beach but why get full of sand? Several pool-bars nearby, the closest of which is 2 minutes, which in turn means that a late night drinking session by others can affect your sleep patterns. Good supermarket nearby with cash machine. Bus stop to Corfu town right outside which also means a main road. So??

If you want to go boozing and beach/sea, go somewhere else!!
If you hate the beach, don't mind a few gradients or a little late-night noise, like plenty of trees and greenery and just want to chill-out for a week at a low price, these apartments are OK. Bit cramped for two, not much storage space nor much in the way of cooking facilities. I found it clean, not smelly, but hot at night (yes the sun actually shone) but it IS a Mediterranaean country! Three course (vegetarian) meal with beers and coffee locally 15 euros. 
Met the friendly owner, a local taxi driver, several times - he speaks good english and was always polite and enquiring as to the quality of my stay.

David M           

These apartments are the pits, 10 rooms, ours and downstairs was occupied the rest were empty even in the middle of July, Cats were having kittens in mop buckets outside the room, never ever saw any staff, heat retention was unbearable, sign on the door, said don`t feed the cats, because it attracts the snakes,(meditranian viper) however never saw any. But don`t be put off with the resort if you like quite friendly holiday its the place to be, plenty of restraunts, varied food, supermarket that stocks everything, just don`t go to these appartments.We are going again in September 2005 and staying at the Aphrodite the staff (owners) cant do enough, freshley squeezeed OJ in the morning, Plenty of toys in the pool, just a big kid at heart,. 25 Euros for a taxi into Corfu town. Love the place, but just stay away from this accomadation

Cla A           

The apartments were the worst we have ever stayed in. The smell of sewage was unbearable...we told our rep about this but it would have been as effective if we'd complained to the pack of wild cats that greeted us everytime we opened the front door.

The lack of air conditioning was compounded by the fact that the apartments appear to have been specially designed to retain heat. Sleep was almost impossible.

The apartments are ideally situated for people who like long torturous uphill walks and have no desire to visit the beach - the nearest of which was almost an hours trek away.

As for the resort itself although the scenery is beautiful, entertainment was non-existent and every single restaurant boasted the same drab uninspiring menu.

In short , Paleo the resort should be visited for a day trip only. See the scenery and leave before dinnertime. Oh and if some cruel twist of fate strands you there overnight - don't stay at Natasa-Spiros........