Arianna Apartments

Accommodation in Paleokastritsa

Anna M          10/10

Becki i m so sorry i haven't replied but i absolutely forgot this site... i m not very sure if you will see my message now... but i hope you do...
any way, if you are interested,, our e-mail is
my personal e-male is
For any reason you can always send me an e-mail.....
Thank you!!!
bye bye! 

Becki F          10/10

hellloooo anna, christos , katrina i want to come back this year i know i havent been for 2years but want to see you all im trying to get hold of who is doing the bookings now but not having much luck !! and your mobille number has changed now so cant get intouch with any of you xxx

Octav C

hello...i would love to come to your apartments...but i want to know if the facilities form the travel agencies offers are the same ones you offer..meaning esspecially the pool....because in the travel offers the pool is included and i have read in some reviews that you don't allow the access to the pool if the client doesn't buys somethong from the that true?...than you very musch...waiting for your response Anna....

Anna M

hiiii~ i wanted to say hello ! its anna frm arianna apartments,,,,,,


Mike & emma P

We thought this holiday was awesome. Ok, apartments were basic - but it is somewhere to sleep at the end of the day. Christos was a wicked bloke. Keeping the bar open until we were finished, having beers on the `slate` if you had no change - nothing was to much trouble. We had a good bunch of people staying there at the time -  a family from Runcorn who have been there before. Definately recommend this place to anybody. One problem? Christos` daughter pushed me in the pool on the second last day - and my back went!! Think they had a dog called Simba? Lovely place, lovely hosts. 

PS Have only just found this site - we stayed there in 2002.

David B           

Me my wife and 2 kids went to arianna appts twice once in 2001, and the other in 2004  we fount it absolutely great for what we wanted and value for money. Has any one tried christos jack daniels?The pool was slightly cold but after 5-10 minutes it was warm with the sun being so hot, katarina and christos are very nice people when you get to know them their little girl anna always swam with my little boy at the time he was 2 yrs old,katarina loved my little girl for she always took her behind the bar to sit on the freezer and talked with and taught her to count to 10 in greek and how to say hello,goodnight

we are wanting to go back there very soon for their's another recruit to the family.

Ricky G           

I stoped herin 2002 and it was excellent   I was we were all sad 2 leave and  did not want 2 come home

Russ M           

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From day one Christos (or Christosser as we knew him) was on the offensive.

We hired a motorbike form "George in the port".......


Turns out that "George in the port" (real name Speros) was Christosser's worst enemy, so when we parked in the apartments he came thundering towards us shouting and a cursing!!!! "Why you not come to me to rent a bike??"


huh!. What are you on about pal (this was the first time we had met Christosser),  he went on to tell us we would be sorry and all sorts of  doom and gloom.


For the next 2 weeks he did not speak to us or even acknowledge we were there!!

The only other time we spoke to anyone in the apts was Katerina, our 2 ring cooker stopped working, and she said we had broken it!! And how could we have broken it, well she said we had used it too much!!!


The rep "bless her" did her best, but it seems apartments/hotels have a right to charge for what say are "breakages" and it's their word against ours!

So a word of caution, don't use the facilities, cos if you break anything you are liable! It cost us 12 Euro fine and the crappy thing was probably 5+ years old and had been reparied previously.



The towels/bedding were only changes once a week, the place needs a good clean, and we had mice and other visitors in the room. You will be charged 7Euro for use of sunbeds, (if you do not use the bar). You are not allowed on the sun terrace if you do not use the pool bar. The electrical items would be condemned in any UK hotel. There is mould on the walls.


Pps re the motorbike, it was OK.

Yvonne G           

If you are thinking of going then think again! Those who go back are probably going back to one of Christo's (Basil Faulty) low cost apartments like he promises! Supermarket sells very good cleaning products. Not enough equipment so don't think you can self cater. 3 kittens locked in BAR/KITCHEN area at night Bar open until last person goes to bed even 4.30am. Noise travels!  We had  room 13 which faces the pool, as does room 14. Bed linen and towel changed 8 days later. Pool had to be emptied of children by 7pm everynight, as poolside was used for dining area.  The hill is extremely steep, no wonder some only attemepted it once! Ate out every night and followed every night,by the daughter. When back Christos slated place we had been eating. Pack loo roll as not provided. Better still if you are considering Paleo, which is beautiful with fantastic sceanery, then book somewhere else. Holiday August 2005.    


just come back fromarianna apts!!christos and katerina were excellent friendly!!a few problems tho...there is only one taxi in paleo so id say it was definately a good idea to get a hire car as stayin near the apts is borin!the room we were in was no.3, it was cleaned once a week although the bed sheets were not.beware of midgys and p***kly heat!!!iv never had p***kly heta before and niether had my fiance  but we both got it here!!!if you're wanting somewhere to stay for a quiet week then this is the place....its very hot!!we went 31/5-7/5 n it was 28 deg!!so lots of high factors needed!!

Lyn I           

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we just got back yesterday from Paleo, and what a time we had!!

If its a quiet time your after then this is the place to go.
We stayed in the Arianna Apartments for a week and we didnt want to come home again!
Katerina and Christos and their Daughter Anna are brilliant people, they really make you feel welcome and nothing is too much trouble for them.
We only attempted the hill the once, and that was enough! its really steep so not that good for those with walking difficulties.  Your best bet is to see George Michealas for a hire car, he is really cheap an is good fun!
if you are going to the Arianna, then tell Christos that "bloody Lynda" said hello and we shall be back!!!
Im going to try and put somne pictures of Paleo on the web and I will leave another posting with the address so that you can see for yourself what its really like there. the picture that is on this posting is a view of the pool and bar from our apartment.

Angela H           

although not too far from the beaches, the hill back to apartments gets steeper the more you use it. definitely not for the unfit. Rooms were very basic, hardly any utensils, needed to eat out, couldn't cook anything more than a snack, no seating inside, only on balcony, just one towel (hand towel at that) per person per week, beds not changed throughout week. Not even a brush in apartment to sweep floor. Very quiet in october, not many shops to visit in paleo. ideal if you want a quiet place to lie in the sun and do little else.

Charlie S

prices 4 end of august 4 arianna apartments 2 adults. 1. 4 year old.flight arrangements/transfers etc

Kathy G           

Am thinking of booking at these apartments - are they far from the beach and does the owner have any cats [I have a cat phobia!]

Jacqualine C           

Apartments were basic, but with a cook like Katerina you wouldnt want to eat in!Kristos and Katerina were the best hosts. Everybody was very friendly-treated us like we were family.The hosts were very informative. As for the scenery- it was out of this world and there was plenty to do. Paleo is central to everywhere buses were frequent.Down in the town there were many places to eat and drink(if you wanted to)Hats off to Kristos and his family we will definitly be going back xxx