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Ivana V

Happy Saint Patricks Day :) Special greetings to Keith, our host last summer :)

Mary C          10/10

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hi to all the staff at the bolero irene keith and theo thanks for the entertainment during our holiday so to everyone going to sidari mind take a stroll along the strip and pop into the bar its really nice and the staff are so welcoming

Vanessa C          10/10

i can  personally confirm that bolero bar  has re opened in sidari, i know i was in it a fortnight ago, it has  opened as an irish bar, and  is a really great place to go, its owned by theo, and run by him and his sister in law irene, the  djs  name is keith. everyone assured  of a good welcome , and agreat deal of  fun, so anyone going  to sidari this year  be sure to give it a look, a deffo 12/10 n thumbs up from me i will deffo be  going  back  this year.

John P          10/10


John P

CLOSED DOWN ????????????????

Terry W          10/10

Vangelis, Kiki and Panionis. Look forward to seeing you all in Kassiopi on 16/05/11 until 30/05/11 when I hope to be enjoying many fine meals, beautifully cooked by Mama. X

Shari T          10/10

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hi everyone at bolero we sure miss us all and welcome back to bolero george we missed you last year exspecily taylor she was crying because you ware not there. we all send our love and hope you can come to scotoland for new year this year. we might be back at corfu next year so we might see you all then have fun miss us lots. 

Gemma A          10/10

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My friend is in Sidari at the moment and it just brought back so many memories.

I went to the Bolero pub in 2004 & 06, we had a brilliant time and back then there use to be Sam and George, I believe George is still there but not Sam.....Gutted that they no longer work together they were the life of that pub and made everyone welcome!
One day we will return, it is a fantastic family and couples resort.

Maria D

hi had a great time in sidari boleroes great paddy was a laugh add us mate maria and karl davey

June N          10/10

we visited boleros lots of times....paddy made us very welcome....keep up the good work paddy xxx

Michelle D          10/10

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hello to all the guys at bolero! better than any other bar in sidari you guys were great lots of love shelley xx heres my email if your reading this :- so you can let me know how you are and thanks to the dj (leo i think) for playing the rock :)x

Tracey K          10/10

Awent corfuin 2008 had a great time evry night at bolero,smy hubby went under the name of fat boy and got up every night to do the kareoke he was terrible but had a laff killing is thi the way to amorillowe all got up and did the walk thanx for agreat holiday guys hope we can come back soon to the best bar in sidaridd your comment here

Gary B          10/10

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to all followers of the Bolero they have a Facebook page with photos 'Bolero 2010' made by Martin and Matty residents of Sidari Take a look see if you are on it or add your pics all are welcome.  Also George is back!!!  Yamass!!!

Gary B          10/10

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Happy New Year to all at Bolero and to all who frequantely bath in their hospitality. A new year and new holidays to take, we will again be visiting Corfu a few times this year and spend most at the Bolero.  We Are Looking forward to meeting all our friends and making more new friends along the way. See you all in July this year. Yamas!!!

Laura N

Aww thats nice to hear.  George all the best for the future and congratulations  if you can read this.  I too have got engaged.

Hope everyone at Bolero's is well.
All the Best
Laura xxx (AKA Crazy Laura)

John P          10/10



Mark M

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Hi at everyone at boleroes, fantastic bar, fantastic staff, make you feel so welcome, its the first bar we want to hit when we go back. a big part of making our holiday the best.

John P          10/10

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Bolero's still one of the BEST in Sidari, Food fantastic and large portions, recommend the mix-griil 10.5 Euro, Spiro is a fantastic freindly Host and such a kind person.

You will have to go a long way to beat this place, my wife recommends the Sunday Roast ( Beef or Chicken )
Staff fantastic, they go out of their way to make you feel welcome, keep it up lads and every success in 2009, you deserve it.

Natalie F          10/10

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hey everyone in bolero miss uz all so much

hopin to c*m back next year for 2 weeks hopefully nothin has changed since then hope uz hav a good season this year and hope to see uz all next season it was the best bar in sidari spent everynight in there so much fun xxx

Sue S          10/10

Hi to everyone at Boleros, just want to wish you good luck for the 2009 season which will start shortly.  Hope you all have had a good winter and cant wait to return in September.

Big kisses, Sue and Lightening!!!!!!

Sue S          10/10

I would highly recomment the Aphrodite hotel, its just a few doors down from Bolero.  We have stayed there many times and are going back for two weeks in September, if you go on to the Sidari Hotels website I have put some comments there and also contact numbers.  They will arrange a taxi from the airport and the people are really nice there.  The pool and pool bar are right on the beach and if you go to Boleros at night its only a few paces home.  Good luck.


Heather E          10/10

my husband and i are looking to come bk to sidari again in sept! Only prob is we dont want to stay where we have previously stayed! any recommendations of where we can stay close to the strip if poss! thanks evryone!

Heather and Grant

Jade D

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we shud b coming backk this year in july but i think we will only b stayin for a week this time.x
cant wait too see you all x
love from x
jade n family xx 

Debbie T          10/10

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Hi hope you are all doing well. We will be back this year again as we always are but this time in September we arrive on the 14th this year for 2 weeks. Kids doing fine and so are we Shari left school and going to college she is 17 now Taylor is 8 and doing very well. The first bar we will come to is Bolero as we enjoy being there the best bar in Sidari.The meals are exellent and the service is also exellent and not forgetting the staff who are exellent and great people.

Helen B

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Is anyone in contact with Ryan the guy in the photo??
I have been trying to search for my friend ever since I left..
I may resort to putting photos of him up everywhere in Glasgow.
Anyways if anyone does have any information please get in contact.
It wasn't last year mind, he was out there in 2007.
Thanks for your help.