Falkon Bar

Bars in Sidari

Jess W          9/10

Watch out for the man with the stickers. He goes straight for your boobs  apart from that.. AMAZING loved dancing on the bar and the poles =) Will Be Back =D xx

Sophie B

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i was in sidari the last 2 years on holiday and this bar was the best!!!!!!all the staff were absolute lovely n gorgous..lol...have made lots of memories there...hope 2 be back next year to relive them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you falcon bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxthis a pic of the 3 girls includin myself that bought falcon bar 2 life every nite!!!!! xx

Kelly H          10/10

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OMG.this is the most wiked bar aound.big up to stu he is an amzing dj an a lovely person.i got back from sidari yesterday night and me and my mum partied there EVERY night.. all we ever did was dance and dance until the place closed.the atmosphere was amazing aswell.i wud defo go back there agen and i no the rating only goes up to 10 but i wud giv it a 1000000.(wat ever that number is)

Duracel B          10/10

This is a wicked Bar, Free shots had me acting like a pornstar on a pole lol!!  bar with a good vibe. Beware u will wake up with "I Love Falkon Bar" stickers all over You! Big up Disco Stu n Rob!!! He couldnt beat me on that pole!!!

Cant wait 2 go back!!

The Duracel Bunny will be back!

(watch out 4 his mum!!!!)

Vicki B

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hey guys,

falcon was fab  we miss it so much, been back a few weeks now but only jusy remebered too c*m on ere. gunna defo c*m bk next year. hope ya rememba us. say hi 2 yanny, jay, and spiros n niko(curly tots) lol. luv the bwood girls giv us an email bk if ya remeber us.  vicki & jenny xxxx

Arlene D          10/10

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 hey guyz!!!
here are some pic of our sexy men haha
cant wait to see u lot next july
wee miss uz all loads!!!!!!
c-ya soon (no more shots) haha!

Laura H

What can i say the best bar in Sidari, will defo be going back next yr!! DJ was fab, dancing round the pole was so much fun, only problem is all my clothes were covered in "i love falcon bar" stickers!!!!

C ya next yr guys, cant wait for another amazing fish bowl
Love Laura n Erin (the sexy sheffield girls)

Stefan W          10/10

The Falcon Bar was one of the best bars in sidari. Every nite we ended up in here. Really friendly staff and they loved given us free drinks lol  goin bak next year without a doubt.

Siobhan A          7/10

Always seemed to be quite drunk when me & my boyfriend ended up in here!they always seemed to entice us in with 2 free shots each! Seemed a cool bar and they played some good music (i think!)

Letha           10/10

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phhhiiiiilllll, hey. i remember u tellin me to post sumthin on this website. av not bin on here in years and av just spent aaages lookin at all the comments for the bars! av still got a few mentions in mojos from 2005 lol yey.... we had a fab holliday even thou it was strange bein there just a week, instead of all summer lol.. hope ur all ok xxxx

p.s that fish bowl was mingin!! haha xxx 

Amy R          10/10

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Hello again, as I said, here is one of the pictures we have at the moment! Its of me, Kelly, Hannah and Phil @ Falcons xxx wb xxx

Amy R          10/10

 hiya, got back from sidari yesterday, had the best 2 weeks in corfu! the nightlife is brill, we lovd the atmosphere
falcon was a rele cool place wiv great tuuunes n drinks, get covered head to toe in stickers from phil the legend lol, hope u remember us - amy, kelly and hannah and claire, u might know our other mates but we was the regulars wooo! u wil prob remember me cos i was the one who kind of cried on our last night lol haha.
will upload pics when i get time! miss corfu!!!!!
write bak if u remember us anyone lol xxxx

Hannah R          9/10

just got back, lovin this bar great place mint music, got stickers on every piece of clothing i wore!!

deffo c*min bk!!! missin it alredi!!

Rosie & amy           10/10

Falcon bar is theee place too be =D x

We loved it soo much =D x deffo coming back =D
Thankyou for everything .. best holiday ever =D
LoveYouGuys <3

Zoey S          10/10

Got back from 2 weeks in Sidari on the 27th July had a fab time. Spent a lot of nights in Falcon bar not to mention Calypso too (they're owned by the same people). Tarky is the best PR in the whole of Sidari!

Gutted to be back in England and back at work boo!!!

John W          8/10



Steph R          10/10

I jus spent 2 weeks in Sidari, staying at the Vlachos Apartments. We went to Falcon Bar every night! We got lots of free stickers too!!

We spent my boyfriends 20th birthday over there too and they let him dance on the bar!!
We were sad to go home but we are coming back in April!!
Cant wait to get back!!!
Love ya all!!

Rachel B          10/10

The fish bowls in ths bar are the biggest ever n the bar staff are really friendly, when we were in sidari we hopped from calypso to falkon n shakers all night cos they were definitely the best..we had a good dance in here n a few drinks..cant remember much though  i would definitely recconmend it though

Cara E          10/10

We went in September and they were selling  fish bowls there but saying that when we were there in June they werent??!! Hopefully they will be selling them again when u go......Hope that helps


does anybody know if they sell fishbowls in here now???????

Paul A           

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heya!! may member me n me m8! we were came in june till early july!! we had an incident on first night very drunk lol!! pukey an sleepy we were known as!! but cracking holiday im defo coming bk!! i ned more free shots and champagen lol c ya soon ammo and gj!!

Cara and emma            

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Defo go to this bar...we spent most of our time here drinking!! big shout out to Spiros and George the best bar men in Sidari - we love them to bits (Spiros if you read this one thing to say to you "George Michael"!!!)

Kate L           

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Loved it in here we got our first of many bottles of free champagne - Thanks Alex!!!!

Phil C           

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Hi its Phil was on hoilday in sidari for 2 weeks (august 28 till september 11) I loved falcon bar espesally the to ladies at the door sarah and lara one think i will never forget is happy hour when the girl in the pic sarah or lara cant rember which is which  would say it and then give a big smile and never let me be missrible hope to see them again next year and give her another rose if the to ladies get this message e-mail me please seeya next year phil xx

Holly W           

hey woz in sidari 4rm 24th july-7 august and was den back der 4rm 25th agust until 1st september! both holidays were gd! Falcon i finks one of da best bars der especially as jonny luke and jason was dere. cnt wait 2 go back nxt year xXx