Bars in Sidari

Jess W          10/10

Only ever made it to ceasers once in the 2weeks me and my friends were out there (too much alcohol to even think about it)  but the one night we did for the foam party it was immense. Best foam party in all the holidays we've ever been on. Highly Recommended =) xx

Michael H          10/10

Absolutely amazing foam party was insane! Going back next year love this place.

Jess && steph X          10/10

21st July- 4th August

The most amazing holiday we hav had... went ceasers, absoulutly loved the foam party, its amazin - cant wait to go bak next year :)
x x x

Neil K          7/10

The foam party was really good and funny. I got very soaked in foam. Fanastic night. see ya next year. Music was good.

Yaz D          10/10

Always a fan of the Ceasers foam parties amazing night always there :)

love all the staff
love everything about it  :)
cant wait to come back again soon
miss it already :(

Julie F          10/10

  omg ceasers is a wiked club to go to i couldnt belive it  specially after like 1 2 in the morning it jus piked up so quik music was amazing and the foam party in august was fantastic i loved it

carnt wait to come bak to corfu very soon 

Neil K

this is a f**king good place. we have friends here as well. also on thursday nights and sunday nights this is a foam party and it is good fun. my parents had too much to drink but good night though.


Stefan W          10/10

Ceasers was awsome after 2am because every1 was in there. Foam party where out of this world and buy 1 get 1 free on drinks

Heather C

absolutley luvd the foam party this year and last year!luk ruf as n e fin after wards bt its the best night out in sidari!b bk nxt year luv it  xxxx

Lou H          9/10

click to enlarge Ceasers was great!  You see most of the locals going in there aswell! The music is good ..the foam party on our last night was packed! It was normaly our last stop, after partyin in the other bars..so never remembered so much detail! But the prs were lovely, especialy will :) Might be back next year for the 8th time in sidari :O
Love the twins

Charlie           10/10

click to enlarge  Was klass allister whitehead was there had a great 2 weeks. ill the 2nd week 2 much booze lol.

Laura N

 hi to everyone at ceasers looking forward coming back (7th may to 21st may) hope it's good then that time of year.  thoroughly enjoyed the foam party last year. love to all laura x

Becky H           

we absolutley loved ceasers especially the foam party on thursdays they wer class, spiros was great dj lovin your music hehe, hoprfully be back soon keep the foam partys goin xbecky n amyx

Hayley R           

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We loved ceasers.  The foam party was pretty amazing and we all took a shine to the PR "Fit Will".  He kept us coming back each night!


Spiros you are the best DJ in corfu.Dont worry you have kept your title for 2006.(PUT YOUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR!)

Kate L           

we loved caesars - a good place for meeting people especially will - "the fittest pr in sidari"!!!! pester him enough to see his tan line and he might just get his a**e out for you!  see you next year will!!!

Nathan R           

best form party eva it was full on mint love it

Laura N           

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Me in Bolero's!!
I more than liked it, I loved it!! Foam Party bring it on  Get total wet through and shiver yourself stupid when walking back to your hotel/apartment . Would love it over here in the UK would be so much fun what do you think Sam Drake!!  Love Laura xxx

Sam D           

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held a great foam party every thurs night,although it does hurt your eyes after a while,any one out there from 4-18th of august send a comment x

(us 3 lads along the middle)

Lauren L           


Laura N           

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just got home, what a wicked place to go!! there should be more like ceasers back home !! foam party the other night was well good..  cried when i left  could've stayed there for the whole year.. laura xxxxx

Laura N           

just back from sidari (15th july) well what can i say about caesars the best club in sidari had a wicked foam party before i left which i'm glad i went too best club dj i've ever known, really gets you up for a "party".  looking forward to coming back for more fun and frollicks lxx



we have just got back from sidari...n absolutely loved it!! we really didnt wana c*m home!! just wondering if anyone knows what its like in d last week of august/beginning of september? cuz we r planning 2 go back again there but aren't sure whether it will be any good then or whether it will be mainly families etc?!?!

Laura R           

i lved ceasers, i went ther nearly everynite clubbin around 4 in tha mornin, i made very gud friends wiv tha bouncer spiros, n every1 was friendly! def go agen

Sophie A           

i luved this club its amazing,you can either dance the night away or you can chill in the great beer garden,i enjoyed bord,ceasers were top,if you wanted to take sum1 home for the night ceasers is the palce t be becasue thats were every1 goes,but if u wana gud nite dont go ceaser til about 3 thats wen it gets busy and dont leave till the very end lol satyurdays aremint as its greek nite and its the best palce to be, oh and the dj is a cheeky kool thou lol nice try m8 xx