Oh La La

Bars in Sidari

Stevie Hammers

hi im called steve and i originally help greg open the bar in 1990

i did all the PR made up all the cocktail menus... i must say we had that bar rocking with my music and my special Long Island Ice tea cocktails... no body walked out of that bar, i normally carried them home hahaha... fond memories... but sadly i have been told its closed now... is this true.. stevie alex hammers... thats my facebook page if anyone knows or anybody remembers me.... oh and one more thing..... i hope i have no long lost children aged 23 hahaha

Lauren C

what is the legal drinking age in Sidari Corfu?

how old do you have to be to get into the bars and clubs?

Lisa W           

really nice bar at the top of the town and great staff. but sad news went to sidari in august and again for 1 week in october and oh la la has been shut down for good as they wernt making enough money. what a shame really nice blokes to. hope to see them around next summer x

Cara and emma            

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What a place - Gregory and Thomas are so nice, really decent blokes. Got lots of free drinks here and even when we did pay they were dirt cheap. Steven the PR is sound as a pound and if u see him give him a big smile!! Music is really good, you can really boogie on down. All in all a brill bar.

Damien N           

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oh my god what a time me and mike had in this bar  greg and thomas you rock cant wait to come again  heres my email if anyone needs it damiennewton1300@msn.com and heres a few pics of me and mike and a pic of us and dan and rob who we met in there, just feel gutted we're back home   so anyone thinking of going to sidari check out this bar you wont be disapointed

Mike C           

OH LA LA is by far the best bar in sidari i got back yesterday and want to go back already big hi to Greg and Thomas they are both ace. i will def be going back in may.

Amy L           


Lisa how are yo thats fine but i think i will be out there before then like may time and have got a few links to some jobs in bars im from a town called halifax near leeds if you have email send us a line about yourself if not ill check this daily catch you later chick xx

Lisa W           

hey amy lawrence,

ive read your comment, i just got back from sidari last monday and want to go back already. i am arranging to go out in mid june for 2 weeks to look for a job out there, cant go out till june as i dont finish my college course till then.where do you live? i am only 17 but definatley going out there to work, what will you do about finding an apartment. and i am also up 4 a good time summer 2007 sidari here i come!!
please write back soon lisa xx

Lisa W           

just got home on monday and this was a top bar, great staff and good music. make sure you pop in for a drink and a dance if you go to sidari. amazing staff and very fit p.r. untill he quit last week!!! they make you feel so welcome and they might even let you work behind the bar if they like you enough...they let me was a bit drunk though but did a good job will put pics on soon. big shout out to thomas!!!!! love ya all xxx

Sam D           

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was well funny when steve took us here,as he was working where we was staying,discount drinks all night,pretty hammered too,small place but very fun,drinking pint coctails :P

ne1 in sidari from 4-18th august lemme kno if u wana chat


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ace bar!!!!!!!!!!1 big hello to greg and the gang spesh steve alr8 gorgeous ;-) lol.... just been lookin to book in sept cant wait to c u all again loadsa love lil natz ne one wanna get in tuch changed mi addy .... xxlilnatzxx@hotmail.com!!!!!!!!!!

Amy L           

Hi everyone i went to sidari last year and spent most of my time in this bar i am looking for some people to go and work out in sidari with i am 19 years of age and female and would like to meet some girls up for a laugh and a good time to go out there with i am a big party girl and dont know when to stop drinking i would love to spend the whole of summer 2007 out there working if anyon is interested put a comment on here and i will check it daily xxx love ya all 


hiya every one !!!!!!!!!!!!! just got bk from sidari ... yep 2nd tym  in one month haha!! did a few days pr'in at oh la la wkd place wkd ppl u just gotta go there i will b bk in nxt few wk ppl dont u worry!!!!!! and greg...... i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!u have made myn n sallys holidasys this yr thanx..... till then if ne one remembers me lil blonde pr dancin the nite away 28th- 31st...... emailme xxlilnatzxx@hotmail.com goin malia tonite tho so speak soooooooooon and sidari.......watch oput ill b bk b4 u know it

Chelsea T           

You might bump into me nxt year if any of you are out there, probably in Oh la la or Faros!!! look out for a black girl with blonde braids a loud mouth and a massive SMILE !! (I'll be more then likely gettin loads of people to do shots or dance) Have a wicked time!!!!

See you there!!!!!!!!!! x x x

Chelsea T           

Truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelsea T           

Oh my god Oh la la is definatley the best bar in the world let alone greece, just got back after my 4th time there. Even though things have changed since 2003 e.g. Donna, Ritchie, Ian, Hannah have all moved on. Its still the best time of your life, after getting back this time iv made my final decision i am moving out here myself nxt may and i cant wait  Missing everyone there Greg, Ulie, Eddy, Nikos from faros and everyone!!!!! But most of all Thomas the one man that truely made my holiday! Miss you loads   SON ! if you ever get a chance to go 2 sidari make sure you go to Oh la la and met him he will get you absolutly wasted and give you the time of your life!!! I didnt know people that amazing actually existed! You'll know what i mean when you meet him!!!

Yvonne S           

This place is great! We didnt visit it as much as we did but the last few days before we came home we were addicted to it. One night the barman was pouring Zambuca down my throat from the bottle. He is great and the best barman in Sidari (apart from george and sammy) of course. Recommend this to anyone and the two brothers that work there are a bonus.

Aled H           

This place is awesome. Speak to Tomas or Greg. make sure u get a long island ice tea it gets u smashed.awesome place


a big big hello to the sweedish pr she is the best its one of your party girls lol and a big hello 2 star he is ace and good lookin girls like his bro!!! the boss/ dj is the best ( and if the job is still goin a want it )x

   love u all sally your party girl xx 
i want to hear from you all sally_507_87@hotmail.com


welll this is 4 that sweedish pr love yas like its one of the mad party gals ahahaha were l;ookin to book b4 end of season as were missin u all sooooooooooooooooo much and especially this bar many of a time gettin it goin ayeeeeeeeeee was wkd


Hy Folks,

Got back from Sidari at end of May this year, Although it was start of season and it was a bit quieter the staff in their are still full of fun and it's a great place to be. Shame Alex Pagiatis as moved on though, does anyone know where he as moved on to? He is an old friend of ours so any contact details would be great.
   So, advice to anyone goin to Sidari, get into the oh la la and get wasted!!!!!   Wheeeeeeeeeeeeey!

Kim R           

Hey guys! well i went on holiday in corfu in august/september and just decided to do this now! Oh La La was the best bar in Sadari! Lovely staff people! We went every night! it was ace! They played every song u requested! which by our songs prob wasn't a good things! but the vengaboys do rock! LMAO air guitar guy was the best! AND OMG MY LIZZARD DANCE! HOW COOL!! or not! lol! our pics better be on the wall! me and Allison total want 2 come and work here one year! it would be ace! Please go on our site! we have holiday pics and i have 2 say most of them are of Oh La La! www.play-girlies.piczo.com lol so many "greek sleazes" (as we liked to call them) in sidari! But Oh La La had the nicest ones!lmao billy had to be the biggest sleaze of them all! anyway guys hope to be back next yr so hopefully see u again!

Loadsa love the Scottish Hot Chicks! x.x.x

Shel R           

DJ SHANE!! Thanx for makin our holiday unforgetable! 'lets get ready to rumble'

got some wicked photos oh la la summer 05 get in touch if u come across this

Amy L           

hi guys just got back from sidari !!!!!! spent half of my holiday in this bar .emma and shane were wicked not to forget thomas and greg  they all made my holiday ,the music was awesom and im coming back !!!!!!!!  loads of love amyxxxx

Allison M           

Just back from Corfu  n got til say Oh La La was eh best bar we went til!  We started drinking in Oh La La on the very first nite we arrived in Corfu and ended going back every night we were out!!

The musik was brill.....specially the cheesy tunes we requested teehee

The crack was ace everytym we went and we realli enjoyed ourselves!! i got drunk  and ended up giving the Shane e Dj my cd - my cd for litenin til on the plane!!!!  Although no excuses now for not playing Poison now

Miss ya'll guys!! Hope til catch up wi yeez next year!!!
Luv d Scottish chickies