Stamatis Studios

Accommodation in St George Sth

Yvonne M           

Hi all, My friend and I had an excellent holiday at Stamitis apartments, the rooms are very clean, very hot (no air conditioning) but good. Fans can be rented from the bar/shop opposite, which the holiday rep didn't tell us about, just don't get a noisy fan! Mosquito sprays, electric stuff and repellents are an absolute must!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Food, soooo good and so may good people just waiting to meet you, very sad to have left.

Chris G           

how far is the golf course???
please help!!

Becky H

anyone no the website address for stamatis bar, if so email me at or catch me on instant messanger

Hannah W           

A really nice set of self catering studios. The staff were excellent and our apartment was cleaned thoroughly everyday or every other day. The bar/restaurant across the road was the best for entertainment and friendlyness in the whole resort. An amazing holiday with great accomodation. Don't forget to put your toilet paper in the bin!!!