Paschalia Apartments

Accommodation in St George Sth

Jay .           

Fistly Paschalia aparts are seperated in to 3 blocks and owned by 3 family members the just 1 min walk from the center up a dark driveway ( torch isnt needed but may put kids at ease if they dont like the dark. block one may be a little noisy as its on top on one of the bussiest pubs and a few just up from there is night club. block 2 is where i generally ask to stop far enought from noise nr enough to come and go as you please with out to much effort rooms are fantasically cleaned most times daily block 3 is furthest away but still not to far at most 2 mins if you take a slow slow walk.

at bottom of drive your pretty much central to bottom end beach is just on other side of raod 2 mins walk to sanny area restaurants all around shops both ways pubs/bars all with pretty much all places to stay in st.George your never to far away from anywhere we tend to choose Paschalia for the simple reason we been there we liked it it was clean owners were great it was quiet we could take fans in(some places wont let you hire fans from anywhere but them or you have to pay electricity around 20 euro)kids were safe to just wander around saftley and play in enclosed garden has been and always will be my first choice of where to stay
if i can give you any more info please feel free to email me jaysere03(at)aol(.)com and i will pass on any info i can

Christine M

I would like more information on location, proximity to local bars, beach etc.

John M           


Michael B

How do I book a holiday at paschalia apartments?