Restaurants in St George Sth

Linda and colin S

 What can we say about this bar .... food and drink was fab !!! it was great the bar staff wer fab they wer soooo friendly we loved it there kids loved it too if the bar staff read this then hello we miss ya sambuca team!! (thanatis,stamatis,katie,mandy)  thanks for makin our holidays we recommend this to people that hav kids and want to hav a drink and leave there kids to be entertained ! there is two pool tables and a play station 2 if you go in ask about the sambuca couple Linda and Colin and they will know us !!

food fab and  drinks fab xx!!!
we recommend it kids are 14 and 10 and were entertained until 1am xx
so GO!!!!
Colin and Linda (sambuca couple)

Debbie L           

my daughter and myself have eaten in a different restaurant every night. (to test them all out!!)
 im sorry to say that this was the worst one i have ever eaten in. the service very slow,  the food vile  (left a full plate) and the most expensive!! 
my vegetarian friend asked for the veggie pasta special. she asked three times if there was any meat in it. three times she was told no.
she took her first mouth full and there was ham in it.
we waited 3/4 an hour from ordering to serving. and the bill at the end of the night was a c**k up.  oh and the cover charge (bread) is the most expensive (1.50 euro)  because the bread is toasted.  i will never eat there again!!!

David S           

I agree the meal was not the biggest and it was one of the more expensive restaurants in the resort, however the food was very nice and i feel that the price was worth it.

Walter S           

portions big enough to feed a mouse steer clear