Anna Studios

Accommodation in Arillas

Amanda D

Hello Anna im Jan and Nicks friend from uk,im trying to add you as a friend on facebook! please email me your name or add me!

Lorraine R          10/10

hi  myself and husband have just returned from annas and had a fantastic time anna and husband were great hosts and the baileys milkshakes anna does are a must to try .the village itself was great and now has a cash machine if anybody wants to know  we wanted a relaxing holiday and its what we got the apartments were clean and well equipt and the swimming pool was lovely . a big thank you to anna and kostas and family and wish you all  best.
     lorraine and peter rose (room5)

Phil P          10/10

Anna, Kostas and Tassos - thank you. What an amazing welcome! We hadn't seen you for four years, but on our first morning, Kostas recognised us and came straight up to shake my hand and give Jenny a big hug! And you all spent the week making us feel totally at home. Having said that, Arillas or nearby will soon be our home when I retire next year.

In case you are wondering, we came in every morning (well, sort of morning) on our way down the hill. We stayed with our old friend Alex (Alecos Sgouros) just up the road, but always visited you to drink our beer and do our puzzles. I have added a picture of Anna looking very sexy and attractive, which we took last week.
Anyone - old, young or in between could make a fantastic holiday in Arillas, and Anna's place is ideal for just that.
Again, thank you all for one of the happiest weeks of our life.

Anna           10/10

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or call us on 003026630 51952
fax number 00302663051077
thank you in advance and hope to see you all again

Margaret M          10/10

What can i say... Annas studios were totally fantastic, i was there 18 months ago and on the 2nd day we had torrential rain that even made the verandas flood!! But that didn't put us off... I went and picked up the mop and started to help Anna! As no one else did, all i could see were ignorant people sitting on their fat bums while she mopped up round them..
Kosta and Tassos were fab, myself and my partner who i was with at the time (we're no longer together) got very close to the whole family even grandma...
Anna you and your family are a credit to Arillas and Greece and i can definately say that i will be back to visit with my 2 daughters.. I look forward to seeing you again!!!
For all the folks out there looking for a relaxing holiday this is the place to go, i'm in my mid 30's and i really didn't want to leave, i've never felt so at ease and relaxed as i have in Annas Studios!!!! Again my thanks to Anna, Kosta & Tassos...
Best wishes for your future

Kev and elke H           

Just returned from a fab 2 weeks at Annas Studio in Arillas.

Anna, Kosta (birthday boy today), Tassos and Theo, thankyou so very much for a wonderful holiday, nobody could wish for better hosts.
Hello to everybody who is still there, Barry and Ellain (Belated Honeymoon) - Lorrain and Howard (Honeymoon) - Beth and Derek (traitors staying up the hill this time around) hope you all continue to have a wonderful holiday and Yamas to you all.
For those people who have never been to Annas in Arillas its a fantastic "Quiet" village suited to those of you who just want to relax and enjoy the quiet and tranquility of a lovely place.
Its got a great recreation point called "The Bar" where you can meet other guests and enjoy the hospitality and fun of Anna and her family as well as taste her great breakfast and other food (Elke says the Chicken salad is devine)
Annas also has the best Car Hire facility in the area (my opinion) situated down in the village. The rates are fantastic and the average age of the cars is well under 1 year at the moment. But don't get a car and disappear everyday forgetting the Studios and your hosts, otherwise you will miss Annas exceptional hospitality. Spend at least some time talking to Anna ,Kosta, Theo and Tassos (Lovely mad Greek man) they are the most freindly anh helpful hosts we have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
Enjoy the many Tavernas down in the village, but always remember cardiac hill, it will never defeat you but will help you're appetite for a drink when you've covered the 800 meters or so from the beach front to the studio.
Anna, thankyou so much for the fantastic time, give our love to Kosta and the boys.
See you in less than 49 weeks, enjoy you're holidays over winter and Yamas to you all.
Kev and Elke

Karen C           


We returned from Arilas and Anna apartments four weeks ago, and everything about the holiday was excellent. We have been to Corfu many times, Arilas is our favourite resort, as it is very friendly but also quiet and a great place to really unwind. In our opinion Arilas Inn is the best place to eat in Corfu, Ammos bar the nicest place to watch the sunset from. Anna apartments were excellent, and just nicely located for a stroll down to the resort, the were the best appartments we have stayed in to date and we would definately go back .
Anna and family are lovely hosts and work very hard to ensure their gusets have all they need to enjoy their holiday.
Karen and David Carolan

Paul C           

Just back from two weeks at Anna's. Wonderful holiday, great resort & really good people (guests & Anna's family).


Paul C           

We're just back from two  weeks at Anna's, first time in Arillas, thought the beach was wonderful, however Anna, Kostas, Theo & the little monkey Tasos were better than the beach, very welcoming & friendly. Tasos needs to work on his pool playing though. We hope to go back next year.

Paul, Carol, Anna & Max



hi we are with firstchoice this year and our emailis



hi there isnt cash point in arillas only in sidari the next village.

Stu T           

Hi.  We are going to Anna's Studios in July, 06.  Been Corfu many times but not to Arillas.  Can anyone please tell me if there is a cash machine in Arillas (Maestro/Natwest/Switch).  Would be very grateful to you, as i don't really want to take travellers cheques.

Thank you from Stu & Jan.


We stayed for 1 week in early September and judge this one of the best holidays we have had. The apartments are simple but modern and of high quality. We spent every day on the beach, but the pool and bar is very nice too. We loved the setting just outside the village, surrounded by olive groves and smallholdings. Anna and the team were great, even driving us down to a restaurant on our first night in the middle of a torrential thunderstorm. Arillas itself is a lovely laid back place with a nice mix of sleepy Greek village and international cool. We just wanted a totally relaxed experience in a peaceful spot at the end of a hectic summer, so this was ideal. We were content just to stay in Arillas, but we're definitely coming back next year and plan to see bit more of the Island.

Tim P

could anybody please reply to this i need to know the link to annas website as a matter of urgency PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Rod L           

"For the people that have posted bad reviews on this site, well all I can say is that the problem was self obtained."

It's amazing how everyone and their uncle think they know what happened on OUR holiday....I must remember that this year, it will save me having to go on holiday in the first place.

Rachael C           

Anna studios was one of the best accomadations I have stayed in.

Anna,Kosta and Tassos were not only excellant company to be around, they were also very nice people.

For the people that have posted bad reviews on this site, well all I can say is that the problem was self obtained.

If you read this Anna say hello to everybody including Yiannis and my Father in law 

Miss you all loads and hopefully be seeing you soon.

Tony P           

what a wonderful place to stay!  the apartments were very clean and well maintained as was the pool and pool area, my 2 girls loved it, anna, kostas and tassos made us very welcome, food was excellent and a well stocked bar for the evening drinks.

thank you anna and tassos for a great holliday. tony, terry, lauren, robyn and kirsty.   

Julia L

Do you have an online brochure of the studios/ area please. We are booked to come to you on 11th July and have very little information. Thank You

Rod L           

"It seems to me (with regard to all other comments) that the problem may not lie with Anna but with Rod. I don't know the man, but I do know Anna and her husband, typical Greeks, friendly, loving and welcoming."

Thats right, or course, I should have realised that when people aren't particulary friendly towards me or my partner the problem lies with me...
My comments shouldn't put people off staying at Anna Studios but just offer a different view to others that have stayed. We are all entitled to our OWN opinions and it is down to everyone to make up their own minds when/if they choose to stay on whether they like the place and the service provided. I do not see it as our fault that we weren't totally satisfied, thats just the way it goes sometimes.
I hope anyone visiting this year has a great time.

Chris W           

I am quite surprised by some peoples petty comments, we stayed for 2 weeks in Aug/Sept 2004, & thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!
We hired a car, so did not spend much time at the apartments, but always got a smile or wave from Anna & her staff, & found them most helpful & friendly.We would definately go back again,

Chris & Roz West

Keith A           

In defense of Anna and Kostas.
My wife & I have been to Arillas each year,sometimes twice a year, for the last 10 years. I have never stayed at Anna's,have never been in their supermarket but have hired a car on two occasions.- This is the background.- Now, contrary to having a face like a slapped backside, Anna has always greeted me with a wave, a smile and sometimes a hug.
It seems to me (with regard to all other comments) that the problem may not lie with Anna but with Rod. I don't know the man, but I do know Anna and her husband, typical Greeks, friendly, loving and welcoming.


Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and prosperity in the New Year.
Thank you for being our customer.
We look forward to continuing our relationship in the coming year.
All the best to you and your family.

Marie G           

this place shouls be 10/10 if u ask me, not 4/10!!

Adam G           

Got back on the 2/10/04.
The location is very quiet and I imagine where most people hire a car to get to if they are staying else where. San Stefanos is only a 20min walk away too so you have another resort to visit with a really nice beach and sunset. I found the restaurants in San Stefanos better overall than in Arillas and slightly cheaper. The beach is great with a gentle slope which means you can touch the bottom a good way out, snorking isn't really worth it though as the water is a bit cloudy from the wave action.

You have to get a bus to Sidari for a cash machine but that's only 90 cents from San stefanos, although I didn't find Sidari a pleasent place to be... I think it's trying to be the North version of Kavos. One to avoid unless you like that kind of thing.

I found Anna's bar a tad expensive and feel if the prices were a bit lower then more people would use the bar. The pool was nice and clean but a bit chilly!
The room was large and fairly clean although our toaster didn't work and there was damp in a couple of cupboards.
We went for a week and I'd have been getting bored to stay for longer, got to read some books though, lay about in bed/at the pool, and do some walking.
We arrived on Saturday at 6:50am at Arillas and we were picked up Saturday at 1:00am from the accomodation for our 4:50am flight back, but we had to be out of the room from 12:00pm Friday. This meant 13 hours without accomodation, which I found a bit off as I had my 4 month old son with me. I counted 6 nights S.C. accomodation, not the 7 sold to me! If this had been explained before the holiday I would have preferred waiting till 12:00pm on the Saturday we arrived to check in as I assume it was counted as Friday night, rather than not having the accomodation the night we left.
HAd a couple of days heavy rain but the rest of the time it was sunny.