Value Plus Travel

Car Rental on Corfu

Steve H          10/10

Hired a car from Value Plus for our recent stay in corfu. Although we were delayed in arriving by a day by bad weather, an upgraded car was waiting for us at the airport and overall the whole transaction was done very smoothly. What stood out for us was that when our grandson was rushed to hospital in corfu the night before we were due to fly home, Yiannis could not have been more helpful or supportive, coming up with a recommendation for a lovely hotel and offering to help in any way he could.

Steve C          10/10

Hired a quad bike through Sofia & Yannis for ten days.Sofia could not do enough for us, Especially when we found a starving kitten no more than 8 weeks old, she arranged for her mum to look after it.
wouldn't hesitate to Recommend VALUE PLUS to all Sidari holidaymakersSmile

Alison L          10/10

excellent service again this year thanks to you both

Simon E

Had a Vitara for the week just gone.

Car in ok condidtion, not great but everything worked. Gear box was a clunker and exhaust was ratling / loose.
Rear prop is going to fail soon, ball joint is worn (I have a Vitara I do alot of 4x4 at home with and know what to listlen for when it comes to things that are about the break ghaha)
Value plus were great to deal with, dropped off cvar and picked up no real probs.
I was disapointed as I like to go 4 x 4 off road but Corfu is very road orientated. little off roading to be had. I toured the whole island in a couple of days, did around 600+ km!
I would have no hesitation hiering form Value plus again.

Christine W          10/10

Hired a car from value plus in June 2008. communication excellent, service excellent what more can I say

Alison L          10/10

value plus have a web site just google it they will get back to you

Peter P          10/10

Can't understand why this is only ranked 4 out of 10 because should read 10 out of 10 .If it had been left to anyone else my wife wouldn't have gone away but Sophia and Jannis helped us and my wife had 2 good holidays before passing away .They are excellent .

Alison L          10/10

Just confirmed my booking with value for this year excellent customer care i should know i work in customer services

Alison L           

just come back yet another excellent year with value plus

well done Jannis and sophia

Belinda R           

Hired a car just for 3 days had no problems they delivered to our apartment and collected it after the three days. very reasonable price.

Sylvia C           

To clarify Yannis and Sophie do have 2 sites - both called valueplus - the main office where they are based is in the high street when coming into Sidari from Corfu Town they are situated on the right hand side just past the Oasis resturant - the second office is at the other end of Sidari and is next to the bowling alley and opposite the taxi rank.

Alison L           

The value Plus on the main street of Sidari is Yannis and Sophia

Mark W           

Yannis and Sophie from value plus were great to my wife and I.We stayed in Sidari from 25/09/05 to 10/10/05.We found him to be a 100% genuine bloke.His service to us was excellent.His sense of humour was great.I`d recommend this car hire to anyone.We also booked trips from here too.No hidden charges,just fair price and good value.Don`t make the mistake of using the wrong valueplus.Yannis`s is on the way out of Sidari not the one in the `high street`.He is not far from Legends apartments.

     If Yannis gets to read this I`d like to thank him for helping to make my holiday.Mark Watts.

Kelvin C           

I have never seen, in 10 years, 3 or 4 times year, Yannis be rude to anyone Greek, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian or any other nationality even under extreme provocation, Both Sophie and Yannis value their hard earned reputation too much to jepodise it in this way. Are you sure your talkng about the right place? 

Alison L           

I am very sorry you felt like that we have been using value for the past 5 years and they honestly cant do enough for us .Last year my mum took ill and now needs oxygen we where told by the travel agent she would not be able to go we sat on the internet and every where was the same if it had been Spain we would have help but Greece no,we telephoned Yannis and he said he knew what we wanted as his father was on oxygen and my mum was able to go ,on arriving at our appartments we we asked where to get her oxygen refilled our rep gave us a telephone number not speaking Greek this was very hard my husband went to asked Yannis where about it was he tried to explain and then replied I go to Corfu everyday bring them down and I will get them refilled.This year was the same only we landed in the middle of the night he arranged for the machine to be in my mums appartments and my mum could not take full bottles of oxygen on the plane he also made sure there was a bottle of oxygen in the boot of the car .I work in customer services and I would say that we had good customer services if not excellent

Paul E           

 Value Plus are great, we booked 4 trips with them and they were good price's on time , honest about the trips if they thought a trip was a bad idea for you they will tell you.we also exchanged our travellers cheques there, for a small fee.

Sylvia C           

Have just returned again from a great holiday in Sidrai and used value plus for the car - great service - what a great couple!!!!

Alison L           

There are 2 value plus places one next to the bowling alley and one where you will find Yannis and Sophia  (Owners) on the way out of Sidari if you follow my other link its takes you to there site .

Hope This Helps
If you email them they will send you the price

Gary E           

Didn't hire a car but we booked aqua land with them top service and very cheap

Maria J           

going to sidari in august can any one tell me where to find value plus cars and roughly how much for the jeep for 2wks?many thanks

Alison L           

Just got back and again great car and great service could not have wished for better services


Jim L           

The Best!!!!

I didnt know this site was here until I started looking for Yannis website. The best gut you will ever meet and totally 100% helpful hired a jeep for 2 weeks at an outstanding price highly recommended made the holiday. Also did excursions with Value Plus they made our holiday.
You can rent apartments etc off yanis direct and he will also drop a car off at the AIRPORT for you.

Sylvia C           

for a slighly shorter e mail for valueplus car hire - which is the best in Sidari as far as we are concerned
try it
Regards Sylvia

Alison L           

This is there web site i will say they will do anything to help you i know from experience


Alison R

I want to rent a car for a hol in Sidari this June, does any one know if the Value Plus place has a web site or an E'Mail address so I could hire it before I go??? or any other suggestions would be good.