Demitra and Manos

Car Rental on Corfu

Gabor N          1/10

WARNING! Rented a Peugeot 307 on 6th of August 2015 for 50 euros and 20 euros deposit. The car was old with seats torn and gear shift fixed with a duct tape, the tank about 1/4 so it was hard to fill back on return. Despite all these we thought we can live with these for the price. But we took 70km from Sidari to Paleokastritsa and the car consumed 15 litres of gasoline! When we returned the car right after all the passengers got out of the car, the seats were a little damp due to the poor air conditioner but the Greek woman from the company were furiously yelling with us on the street, accusing us of sitting in the car after swimming (that was obviously not true but I think they just wanted to take our deposit). She took the contract, the keys and the money and went inside yelling so I am sure this was an intentional freud. AVOID this company if you don't want to get ripped off!

Paul A          1/10

Booked a jeep 4/10/14 for 6 days. After 2 days the greek owner turned up at our apartments saying the rental was terminated as there was no insurance due to it being the end of the season ! We asked in they had any other cars to be told no ! 2 days later the jeep was back out in front of their shop for rent again !!!!! Very poor service

Jason B           

Best car hire in Corfu never mind Sidari, Dimitra and Manos can not do enough for you...