Places to Visit on Corfu

Sarah E          10/10

aqualand ia amazin i love all the water slides and a like the wave pool is amazin i hope the is going to be a new slide are somethink this year i will be back again this year because it was amazin see you soon smilesmilesmile

love sarah

Jim B          10/10

Aqualand...Excellant day out.....Book with local tour operators for better deals than holiday reps.....

Sarah B          10/10

Just back from Corfu went to Aqualand twice this visit both our 8 and 1 year had a fab time here and were kept entertained the whole day. Well worth going!  We booked once with our rep and once with local travel firm Vlasseros much better with local firm 40 euros cheaper and no pick ups so journey time only about an hour rather than 90 mins and numerous picks up with the My travel group booking.

Emma B           

You have to go to Aqualand! Its a brilliant fun day! Loads to choose from and loads of fun!   Its well worth the journey!

Stacey B           

really great water park slides we amazing i went on things i wuld never have gone on b4 but it was well worth the fear as it was brilliant!! Its a really fun day out well worth the journey !!


If you go 2 corfu, u cant go home without goin 2 aqualand its is amazing. lots of fun 4 kids with lots of pools and an adventure thing. the 24 metre free fall is well worth a ride it is great. theres sumink 4 all the family at aqualand

Jo S           

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When we arrived at 12.15pm the coach driver said that he would pick us up at 7pm.  Our hearts sank - what on earth will we do for nearly 7 hours!!! 

Little did we know........ what a fantastic place for any age.  I have not had so much fun for years.  Me and my little one (aged 5) spent all day splashing and being splashed in the various and fantasticly designed pools, we watched the braver (or more stupid!?!) on the huge slides and we bobbed gently around a stream in a big rubber ring.  Best of all was the wave pool which was huge and had brilliant waves.
We thought it looked a bit expensive for the trip but it was really worth it - a stunningly clean place with loads of food and drink outlets (all fast food but you can't have it all)  The food that we had was lovely and piping hot.
I would recommend this to anyone going to Corfu!!


ive bin commin sidari for a few yr now so have done aqualandf b4 but have just got bk off mi last holiday and mi n my m8 were booked for this wkd day out.... but due to the nite b4 .... we didnt make it as we missed our coach hahaha!!! but tis well worth the trip i strongly advise against bookin with reps as it is double the price that u can get it in town have a good un!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lil natz. ps now got new addy for all u that met me out there add speak

Amelia S           

This water park is fantastic, everythime we have been we have had a great time!  There are always loads of sun beda available and the slides are great fun!  It wasn't that expensive either and we found booking it through the company that are opposite the Mistral karaoke bar were cheaper than the tour rep.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


dont go on the slide nearest the wave pool, it ripped my bikini top off coz there was no water in it, had a wicked day tho. great way to get a tan fast!!!! x x

Leanne T           

hey there,

Im off to kavos in september with my boyfriend and wondered if any one could tell me the best way to get to aqualand and the cheapest!!!
thanx hope you can help!!!


We booked this through our rep, for e29, and it was a really good day out. Quite expensive for food, but i think you would expect that anyway. Would defo recommend getting lockers. Its cost e5 in total, and if you give them back the key (which is worn as a bracelet), you get e2 back! and you can go up and take stuff from your locker as often as you want. Im not the greatest on high, scary rides, but there is other rides that are just as good. Also check out the wave pool. Dont bother sitting on a ring, coz its not as much fun. But make sure your a competent swimmer as the waves are quite powerful. They also take your picture during the day and at the end of the day you can check to see if your on the board and you can buy it for e5.

Jane & neil T           

Aqualand is a brilliant day out.  Lots to do for everyone and plenty of seating.  Amenities also were clean.  We had a super time there - especially in the wave pool.  Food is not cheap but not totally a rip-off.  We took our own lunch and just had an ice-cream which saved money.

One word of warning, however.  They only take cash!  There are five of us in our family and, at 19 a head, we wanted to pay by credit card but they wouldn't take it.  They also wouldn't take an American Express Traveller Cheque for 100.  As we had only taken a small amount of cash, we had to change our plans and go to Paleokastritsa instead which was annoying as we hadn't got our camera with us. 

David I           

If you hire a car go after 15:00hrs and its cheeper and the bus tours start going around 17:00hrs so the last 2hrs is fab.
Excellent water park.

Tim S           

One for the kids and the slightly bigger kids! An excellent day out!

Paul E           

 This place can't be missed, great water park, great slide's, food good price drinks a little more. Don't forget to take a change of underwear


Aqualand - its got to be done!


 my boyfriend and i have been to aqua land twice now, what can i say its amazing!! such a good day out. rides are fb especially the 75ft drop slide!!!! there are always life gaurds around that speek good english!! its defo a must do when on holiday in corfu !!!!!

Kathy B           

we went to corfu in june waht can i say aqualand is fantastic we went twice ! life gaurds every where at least 2 to every ride , clean and the food was good and i was surprised about the price not expensive at all and quick service and the staff very freindly my son has aspergers syndrome and was nervous but he tried some smaller rides he is a big lad for 12 and the staff where very good with him dont be put off by the price it worth every penny enjoy .xx

Gemma D           

A wicked experience but crap food!!! So make sure u take your own unless u like eating rubbish!!!

Joe D           

Aqualand is great but can have its downsides too.... the 2nd time we went (in early october the water was so cold you couldnt hardly go on any slides...... the other downside we found was that if you go on any of the speed slides the cracks in the slides cut and burn your back and rip ur swimwear....... still a great place to visit tho..........


Absolutely brilliant! 8 of us there, 4 adults and 4 kids aged between 5-13 - all loved it - no-one wanted to come home!

The rides are amazing, so many to get around and not enough time, you will never be bored. For the cost of this day trip, i would reccomend it as a must to anyone going! Beware to take LOTS of sun cream..... its a bit of a heat trap, and also, try taking your own food and drink (they know how to make their money at these places)
Remember to smile for the cameras when you are on the rides though!

Christina W           


Louise M           

Went lst august out of six of my friends we all sustained some sort of injury that day, they were mainly all on the black hole. One of my friends smacked her head on the side and had to be put on a drip. But apart from that it was a wkd day. Loved the slides fave was the blue one that was practacal a straight drop it was so much fun. Although the black hole caused me some pain (i scraped the back of my right shoulder)  i'd still go on it again. But i think that the lifeguards that were there were useless. When my friend smacked her head they didnt give us any form of assistance just shrugged their shoulders didnt even point us in the direction of first aid. But apart from that it was a good day lol.

Brian W           

aqua land is the best water park except the crazy river i got a big bruise on my leg but it was fun.i rate aqua land *1