Corfu Fortress

Places to Visit on Corfu

Karen O           

Achillion Palace

This Palace is a must to see in Corfu, with its giant statue of Achilles, if you like to visit these sort of things on holiday, but don,t forget your camera. The Palace was owned by a Austrian Emperess Elizebeth, who was know for her beauty, but was sadly murdered.

Jenny P           

It was certainly interesting, added a little culture to our otherwise boozy holiday. The walk to the top of the fortress is quite something if the heat is intense but well worth it. We got some fantastic photos. Give it a try.

Greig B           

Views at the top were certainly worth the trek up in the blazing sunshine!

R W           

A Historic place of interest for those who don't want to spend their days on the beach,situated in Corfu Town.The Fortress's history lies mainly in the Byzantian and post Byzantian periods,but the biggest enjoyment we had on our visit was been shown round the place by the stray Greek dogs who actually live on the grounds,they really made the day,they seemed to make sure we saw it all.The dogs are looked after by the people of Corfu Town and are allowed to stay in the grounds after the gates have been locked,a local lady comes and feeds the dogs every day just beforehand.It really was an enjoyable experience and am sure others would enjoy it too.