Elena Studios

Accommodation in Ipsos

Maggie H           

Just noticed whilst staying at Villa sofia that these apartments have been refurbished very recently and look nothing like last time - see my comment from 2002.

I don't know whether you can book via a British travel agent because there was a sign outside to contact Pirgi travel.

Can't tell you much else because I didn't stay in them but thought it only fair to write an updated report after my previous one.

Maggie H           

If you are in the newer part which has just studios ( green in colour) then I would recommend, however we were in the older building (pink)- half is looked after and the other half has been left in a real mess. There is a derelict bar underneath and the apartments above it are also derelict - pigeons live in them and there droppings are everywhere. Our two bedroomed apartment was fine in size etc but I couldn't recommend because of the state of the adjoining ones which is a shame.