Olive Grove

Accommodation in Paleokastritsa

Gina G           

We stayed in the olive grove apartments last year and it is a lovely resort however the apartments wernet so clean and we didnt have any air conditioning. We hired a fan from the owner for a few nights but he was charging an arm and a leg.  Also in the middle of summer the italians are evrywere arent arent very friendly. I also had my sunglasses stolen on the first day of being there. The cash mashines in the resort werent working and we were stuck for money we walked to the other side of the resort in midday for a cash mashine for money and it wasnt working. I have been to other greece islands and corfu isnt like any other traditional greece island.

Alison H           

We stayed here in June when they were having exceptionally hot weather for the time of year so it was a hot walk up to the apartments! However it was well worth it and I would happilly walk twicw as far to stay in such a nice resort. We were here for 2 weeks and found plenty to do as all we were here for was to chill out, relax, enjoy the weather and beaches which we did!

The apartments are in a lovely quiet area with a donkey and cockerel for company which we enjoyed hearing in the morning. I am so glad the cat is still there - only a kitten when we were staying - we fed her every day and became very attached so were quite concerned when we left.
We were first on the beach most days so had our pick of spots - was lovely and quiet first thing in the morning. Very relaxing. All the restaurants around the beach were good quality - we enjoyed them all
Overall, excellent apartments and lovely relaxing resort. Would definitely stay there again

Danielle C           

First if I describe where the apartments are. The apartments are situated about 200m from the main road going through paleo. The footpath start is towards the end of the road, so youíre more monetary side of the resort. The 200m walkway consists of about 20 steps and a 180 m footpath which is better described as steep. Youíre looking at around an average of 15% gradient, so unless youíre used to climbing hills or generally in GOOD fitness you are going to struggle, certainly myself I lost about a stone in two weeks!

Unfortunately the brochures are incorrect when describing the beach location. To get to the nearest beach area you have to continue walking down the cliff face for another 100m where you will be greeted by pebbles not sand. In fact there are only two or three sand beeches in Paleo most are pebble based, which may disappoint you if your looking for a beach holiday, I would suggest somewhere like Sidari, Kavos or Gilfida if you wand sand beaches. 

Back to the accommodation once you have reached the summit you will be greeted with family run apartments. The family themselves live in a separate annex, but the accommodation itself is split into two villas each containing initial studio type apartments, each with their own kitchen and usually separate balcony area, The apartments are set in a very quiet a peaceful environment, beautiful surroundings of olive tress , grape vines, lemon trees etc.

You will find the family and cat very friendly and approachable. The family are also local Cofiot producers of wine and olive oil so do talk to the family as they can provide you with excellent wine and oil at the fraction of the price you would pay here for it in Britain. Personally for us it was a pleasure being there and if youíre looking for a quiet peaceful holiday then I would recommend the accommodation here, not for children though, both for the apartments and also Paleo itself. The apartments are very clean and hygienic, the only issue for us was there was no shower curtain which made showering interesting but fine.

Paleokastritsa is not a typical family holiday there is not a lot to do here and a week is more than enough. If you plan to stay for more than a week I would recommend hiring a car so that you can visit other places on the island and plan excursions and nights away, as to break up the holiday, otherwise you risk becoming bored!

If youíre staying at the olive grove apartments there are faculties available to you via the Odysseus hotel. Although it may appear to be a private hotel you can use the pool there, the pool bar and the bar of an evening. You can also see all the entertainment that they put on free of charge. We stayed there for drinks during the evening and watched the entertainment regularly. Do inform the reception of who you are and where you are staying on your first visit just so they know when your using the pool, just polite thing to do I guess.

 Nearby are various restaurants either left or right of the stairs going down from the footpath? If you go right you will go towards the harbour and sand beaches, boat rides and some restaurants such as the Apolon which offers an excellent menu as does some of the harbour side restaurants.

 To the left is The Belvedere which is excellent all day round, it has a free pool for anyone to use, reasonably priced drinks and a straight forward menu of an evening. We eat there many times and the people are very friendly. Next to the Belvedere is The Horizon again similar menu but doesn't compare with the atmosphere of the Belvedere, I found the Horizon personally a bit more of a reserved restaurant although I wasn't impressed and occasionally one individual a little rude.

 So it really depends on what kind of holiday you want. If your looking for a quiet WEEK away then Paleokastritsa is perfect, if you have children or looking for more life then places like Kissopi and Sidari are better, If you want night clubs and lots of life at night then somewhere like Kavos is ideal. Corfu has a lot to offer itís just a case of selecting where you go wisely, if staying for more than a week than a car is really advised, for me personally it completely changed my second week in Corfu.

 Beautiful place, friendly people, good accommodation (olive grove) I really enjoyed my time there but felt two weeks a little too long!

Natalie N           

Olive Grove, Paleocastritsa Corfu

We were very disappointed spending 2 weeks in Olive Grove, as we told that it is very peaceful, but it was not. The walls in studios, where we stayed, were so thin, we had to listen others conversations (and singing) coming from next doors all day long, from 7 am till 3 am. It was difficult to sleep as well as place was invented by insects, e.g. mosquitoes. I was bitten in my eye by them twice when asleep as I could not spray my eyes with repellent.

Our studio were so tiny, it was just one room with a little kitchen table in the corner overlooking toilet door, and which was furnished really badly. All doors of kitchen units were broken, it looked like they have never been changed in past 20-30 years! The toilet/bathroom was awful, one of the worst ones I have seen in years of travelling! There was no curtain or shower door, so after the shower a floor was like a swimming pool.
There is no air condition (with tm +35 C every day or more in a room), and owners asked 3 euros per day for renting a fan from them. Also, they were not very friendly, never offered us any fruits from trees or wine (we did not even know they have it), actually we have never seen the owner at all since arrival day, and we did not know which room they live in and how to find them if needed. May be it was because we were single couple without children?
The location was not very convenient, it was very much on the hill, even I do not have a problem walking up the hill, I was suffering when I had to curry bottles of water up there, as you can not use local water from tap. So, if you do not wish to hire a car, you are in trouble. We were told by locals that scooters, etc. will not go up that hill and nothing will, apart from cars.
Also, I did not find the resort ver quite and peaceful, even with a luck of night bars and night life, which should be real heaven for couples (in there mid 30s), as we thought before, I was suffered much from road noise as the main road of resort during a day is very busy and noisy, making it impossible to enjoy even a little walk to the beach! Actually, the main beach was dirty and packed so much, we never wanted to go there. Smaller ones were a bit better and more clean.
From all bars and restaurants we have been there, we would recommend only two:
cafe-bar "Petrino" - not far from Oceanis hotel, across the road, you can easy see it from the main road, people there very friendly and nice, and prices are also much less then everywhere else,
and also the main restaurant-bar, I think it called Alpha (?) which is in harbour - on the right side from Olive Grove.
So, if you want relaxing holiday, do not go to Olive Grove!

Simon C           

Very nice, clean and spacious apartments set in their own gaerens in amongst an olive grove in a quiet location close to the main beach and centre. Smile

The family that owns and runs the apartments are very friendly and welcoming giving us fruit of the trees that are growing in the garden and homemade wine.Tongue
We all enjoyed our 2 week stay at the Olive grove very much including our 7 year old son who was made a fuss of every day. Laugh
I would highly recommend these apartments for families or couples.Tongue
The only drawback is the steep path that leads from the main road to the apartments at the side of the Odysseus hotel which some people may find hard going. There is road access if you hire a car but this is a much longer way around the rear of the apartments. Confused

Sean M           

We stayed in the Olive Grove for one week (the first week was at the ilios).
we really liked it at the olive Grove. The apartment is quite large by self catering standards and you are situated qute near the "centre" of town.
The big downside is the steep hill you need to climb to get to the apartments (just by the side of the Odysseus hotel). There is a road around the back that gets you to the apartments so hire a car or scooter or be prepared for a good leg workout every day (not so easy after a litre of excellent corfu wine)