Zafiris Hotel - (Accommodation in Sidari)

Jeffrey B          9/10

Zafiras is above average Greek accommodation and the pool area is very pleasant. The 'free' air conditioning was a godsend. The lack of  'curtsey' facilities for late departures was disappointing. The excursions provided by Selini Travel were also disappointing. The trip up the mountain is well worth it for the views but don't go with Selini in the evening. The Monolith taverna they take you to for dinner is absolutely infested with mosquitoes and has overpriced food and drink. The Selini Travel trip to Corfu Town took 2 hours to get there and the same back it's quicker on the local bus! We also booked a trip to Arillas which Selini Travel cancelled while we were standing waiting for their coach! The Village Taverna is outstanding for the quality of the food. Angelinas and Marias are good value and you always get a voucher for a free bottle of wine for your next visit. They also do a nightly quiz with very generous prizes.

Blue Sea - (Restaurants in St George Sth)

Jeffrey B          2/10

Salty Stuffed Burger, burnt chicked and  house wine 9E. No thanks!

Zacks - (Restaurants in St George Sth)

Jeffrey B          8/10

Good food and wine 5E a Litre. Stuffes Augergines delightful. Sit upstairs away from Mosquies!

The Balcony - (Restaurants in St George Sth)

Jeffrey B          8/10

Kleftico, Mix Grill excellent.