Restaurants in Sidari

Karen S          10/10

Hi we have just come back from Sidari and we really enjoyed our nights at one for the road.  How do we get to see the photos that was took when we where there cheers. 

Michelle K

click to enlarge love and kisses to all, magda napoleon, baby nikos mamma,pappa, maria,george looking foward to seeing you all next july xxxxxx

Lesley           10/10

Hi went to Sidari earlier this year,was new to the place and went everywhere,but the best night was in One for the road bar also known as Napoleons.The night we went there was a the name of Bob Berry,absolutely hilarious! We couldnt drink for laughing.We went back the following night and took eight of our friends to see him but he wasnt on,so disappointed we did not see him,dont know who has him booked now,we went to a few bars to see if we could find out where he was working but to no avail.If anybody knows where Bob is could they please forward me an E-mail we are going out to Sidari in September and could do with a good laugh.Well done Napoleon see you soon xxxx 

Robert G

Hi was on holiday in Sidari in June this year, came across One for the Road , what a great night me and my wife and 6 friends had,fab atmosphere.The night we went in there was a knockout Comedian called Bob Berry on never laughed so much for long time,he was so good.Hope he is there next year when we come back, hes a must to see very very funny.Robert G and friends. 

Alan S

HI Karen you could email nepoleon for the information the address is

Karen D          10/10

hi just got back from corfu went to napoleons great bar does anyone know where you can get copys of the pictures they take with the boards and hats wigs etc they were so funny if anyone knows where they update them can you enail me plz or just reply to this message ty

Ellen M          10/10

Hi to everyone at 1 for the road what a fantastic holiday we had you made our nights so much fun and we made so many friends and would like to say a big thank you to you all and of course the evening entertaiment was out standing the best in sadari especially Evis Presley John Flett he was the hih=gh light of my holiday oh well done to you all what a team effort keep up the good work and hope to see you next year   from Ellen Billy xxx

Sue W          10/10

Started my summer season with 2 weeks in sidari. Well 2 weeks in 1 4 the road. The best bar by far, been going there for 3 years and its like coming home. Napoleon is 1 of the nicest guys you could meet. He likes to make everyone feel at home and wants everyone having a great time. Congrats to Napoleon and Magda on their new addition to the family baby Nicos who is gorgeous. Didnt want to come home and counting down the weeks til we'll be back proping up the bar. Napoleon im watching the clock. See you all soon and have a fantastic season. Love Sue and Chris x x

Vanessa C          10/10

click to enlarge just got back from 18 days,holiday in my beloved Corfu, to be more presise Sidari,Corfu,stayed at the Mimosa Hotel, which thankfully is just across the road from my fav  bar,<ONE FOR THE ROAD, have been going to the same resort for ten yrs, absolutly cant get enough of the place,,and  Napoleon,Magda,(congrats on baby u2) maria,and all the staff at 1for the road,go out of their way to make everyone welcome. always a great party atmosphere,live entertainment 7 nights a week, laughs galore, hows the bra  napoleon? lol, fantastic service,whether there just for drinks, or food,,Napoleon a dab hand in the kitchen, kept us well fed at brunch time ,nothing too much trouble,all staff go out  of there way  to help, no matter how tired they were, and  boy oboy, they must of been, was many a morning we didnt stagger out of the  bar till gone 4 am, and they still their bright and early a few hrs   later, serving breckfasts, etc.  got to know a fair few of the entertainers  that appeared at One for the road, and a couple in particular,stand out, Barry Packman, a whizz on Accoustic guitar,  hopefully be seeing you next year, aand Steve Dell, what a guy, brilliant performer,whether  he be doing his adult comedy show, or his  legends of rock,,end of an era, there as Steve moving on to pastures new for next season,,,but thank you and napoleon and  co, for the grat evening u gave us  for our last  night with you, wednesday 6th oct,2010,,,miss you all so much, but like old arnie would say,  ill be back.

Lynda & john C          10/10

First and foremost,  lets all wish Magda and Napoleon all the best for their baby.

Now then what a great fantastic place the best on the strip, everyone is always welcomed here,  the entertainment is fantastic and we hope it remains so in the future,  the staff are great,  thanks for making ours a wonderful holiday

Helen S

hello hoping someone can help me!, i visited Sidari many years ago and have been looking at some old photos and taking atrip down memory lane, im wondering if anybody knows if Napoleon used to be called Sidari Sunrise or something similar?!? i thought it was called that the first time i went and then Napoleons later....? I could be totally wrong, im just curious really. If anyone knows, let me know please? Many Thanks

Petra T          10/10

hello everyone!my best wishes to you!and seperate i want to say hello to maria and the dj and the rest of the crew!canīt remember the names, iīm sorry.
we are save at home right now, but the memories of the days in corfu and the bar are still in my mind.they are the best memories i had for a long time.
the atmosphere was wonderful exspecially the live music!!!
the kindness of the crew and the people were so amazing!!!thanks for that!!!
best regards from germany/aachen next to cologne
xoxo petra

Christine K          10/10

does anyone have napoleons or 1 for the road bar email address. what is paul the  young brilliant guitarist's surname. we went in for 1 and must of ended up having ten plus shots. great bar met some good people. christine and david (25/9- 9/10/09)

Tommy K          10/10

click to enlarge Hi everyone

1 for the road is an amazing place to experience during the day and at night
very family orientated and great fun
play are outback for the kids which is good also a free pool table

Napoleon Margda Maria Lauren Antony all staff at 1 for the road and are great people and very nice very welcoming

great musice live music 7 nights a week


love to everyone at 1 for the road

if you have a bebo account feel free to become members of the 1 for the road bebo
join at

Toni H          10/10

click to enlarge just got back from yet another mad 2weeks in the sun . every day was spent sitting by the sea in napoleons / the best kebabs on the island. dennis and sam make you feel very welcome and get you very drunk.  thanks guys ! been coming here for 7 years now and still love it. a friendly family and even got to try his fathers veggies out of his garden hmm . 1 for the road as mad as ever with napoleon and staff and mad anthony . see u all next year same time same place same crazy 2 weeks love u all xx  toni and martin

Carole N          10/10

 Just returned and very sad didnt want to come home what a fantastic place! we are booking to go back next year.  Napolens family made us all very welcome we had a fantastic time , Dennis and sam are a great laugh we went every day to sit and chill have a drink and fun soaking up that lovely view.

Night time at Napolens is not to be missed tried to walk past to visit other bars but we always ended up back there so much fun with them all not to forget the DJ tony and Napoleons lovely wife, and the bar staff, counting the days to go back thankyou for giving us a fantastic holiday  

Sheila P          10/10

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Would like to thank Denis Sam and all the family for making our holiday so enjoyableTongue

Napoleons is a lovely place to to while away an hour with good food drink and conversation,a must if you are going to Sidari.SmileClap
Can't wait to see you all again in Oct
    best regards to all Sheila & Roy

Julia H          10/10

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The best fast food / bar in Sidari? Thats Napoleons! My huspand and I spent many an idle hour drinking and soaking up the atmosphere with "Denis the Menace" and his sidekick Sam
Not only do they make you feel very welcome, and greet you like friends they also teach you a few basic greek words (printed on the back of thier t-shirts).  Yammas (cheers) is a very common one! Not to mention the free shots, tasters and icecream
Dennis makes a fantasic omelette, be sure to try one.
A big thank you Dennis and Sam for a wonderful time, we were sorry to leave

Nichola and jenny R          10/10

The best thing about this bar was the measures, and the free shots you get with every purchase! Napoleon and Magda were fantastic entertainers, they were so friendly, the bar would have been boring without them! Kebab and meze were to die for, best food we had was here

The stroll home along the beach when we rolled out of the bar at 5am was also extremly fun!!!!

Leanne Q          10/10

Hi to all at Napoleons,

Had a few great days here, My brother gave Dennis his Celtic Top with Samaras on the back of it.
cannot wait to go back and see them again.
hello to Dennis and Family and to Sean...  (never got a chance to say goodbye to Sean, would like to get in contact with him - so if you can help that would be great).  email address
Take Care

Lisa M          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge the staff at napoleons place made our holiday fantastic especially dennis who just couldn't do enough for us. we were there for 2 weeks and visited every night and ate there on numerous occasions and always received excellent food at very cheap prices. everyone who goes on holiday to sidari must visit dennis and the rest of his staff and family, only 1 word can sum it up and thats wonderful! we loved it and the kids loved it especially abbie who fell in love with dennis! so thanks dennis for such a great time we miss you loads and will be back soon
 love lisa, ian, abbie and everyone else xxxx

Michelle K          10/10

just got back from another 2 fantastic weeks in sidari.(my 6th time there) the best pub for sure is 1 for the road.  napoleon (niko), margda (his wife) maria,(the nicest woman u could meet) rem (pr)and craig (dj) are all amazing.  niko is crazy gets everyone to participate in the fun. craig is a fantastic dj and plays all sorts of music for all tastes. maria is the nicest barmaid ever, always smiling.  nothing is a problem for anyone that works there, if you have kids there is a play area out the back which has a big unbrella over the toys so that the kids can play out and not get burnt. food is brilliant especially the kebabs which niko frequently puts on your table for free, along with shots
well recomended for all age groups.
missing them all already 
anyone visiting give them all a big kiss from me xxxx

Sue           10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeHello i have just come back from Sidari and we went in to Napoleons Fast Food and my boys loved the food here and Denis was great with us all YAMMAS (cheers).The kebabs are to die for i have never tasted one so good well i have been abroad and the price you can not go wrong CHEAP CHEAP so please if you are in Sidari then please go you will NOT be disappointed.  We will be going back and that for sure.  I am sorry to be back home i miss the fun

Blake B          10/10

hi my family had a smashing time in napoleons he had a great time with my dad+mum he even wanted my dads engaland t-shirt but as we had a great time my dad gave it him at night we met up with him at 1 for the road me and my brov jos and sis ellie had a good time with dennis he gave us free toys we ended up haveing all of the colletion cristo and agnes gave my mum and dad a vodka slushi we mis him very much but mum and dad are planning to go soon so hopefully we shud be siting in the same seat's as last year fingers crossed we should have a better time as last we miss you dennis and rest

Steve W          10/10

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Just come back from visiting Sidari for the 2nd time in 3 years, visiting Sidari would not be complete if we hadnt again visitid Denis at Napoleons, all the staff are so friendly and Denis is excellent, i am glad to say we made a new friend, Denis is visiting England soon, and i am hoping to be able to take him to watch Man United play. Denis is very keen to watch Ryan Giggs in action The food at the Napoleon is superb especially the Gyro's of which i had many, well wort a visit by anyone to sample perfect friendly atmosphere and excellent quality food

Many thanks to Denis and the staff for making our evenings pleasurable and welcoming
Special Message for Denis   Thank you my friend and look forward to seeing you in England very soonclick to enlarge