Restaurants in Sidari

John P

its shut down...................Thank God

Neil K          8/10

This place is really lovely. bring on the double cheeseburger meal yummmmmmmmmmmm. The chips are still really salty. but nice food though

Sxc N          7/10

mmmm yummy mcdonalds. Of course bring on the big mac meal

Neil K           

The food in Mcdonalds is quite ncie. There burgers in mcdonalds are really nice. me and my family went there twice and it gets better. But the only thing is that the chips in there are really really salty. but the chips are nice although it's just the amount of salt. But good food.

Rachel A           

Why bother with this when you can eat plenty of lovely greek found around the town!!  You can have a mackers anytime, any place anywhere lol!!

Carl and Rachel

Allison M           

The food was okay!

But i have to agree that i found the staff there extremely rude  

Louise B           

Get a life you can super size yourself as much as you want at home you are in Greece! Is the worst thing to have landed in Sidari

Laura N           

Absolutely excellent for a Hangover or while still drunk at 3:00am!!  They'll have to learn back home this is what you want after night out   especially if you are staying at Hotel Paradise, Paradise Apartments or Garnavos Apartments 1 minute and your there!!!  Any queries email me

Laura xx

Natalie K           

I LUV MCDONALDS. Perfect breakfast. Food woz excellent but service wasnt so good

Alison L           

well i have to agree we can eat madonalds anywhere but when you have a husband like mine that wont eat anything different it means now theres a madonalds i can go for fortnight so all i can say i am glad there is a macdonald in sidari its made my life easier


Be aware girls the women that work there are extreamly rude, they are sexist!!!!! Especially this 1 with blond hair and brown eyes. Not polite at all. She seems to look down on u like shes something so watch what she puts in your meal.
take care.

Genna and gemma            

well the food is ok,but how much salt is there on the fries,too much if you ask alarmed girls most of the staff are really nice people but me and my friends ordered 2 meals to take out and one young girl opened the coke lids so they were half way off and as we walked off the bag got wet and broke and all of our food fell on floor and she didnt even give us a refund.

Sylvia C           

what can I say - I do not want to eat bad fast food in Greece - if I wanted MacDonalds I would have stayed at home! If you really want a burger try the Texas bar in Sidari or Goodys in Corfu Town - far nicer.

Lauren M           

what can i say! its mc donalds! the only difference from home is that there is MUCH bigger portions than in the UK