San Remo

Restaurants in Sidari

Joyce B          10/10

We dined at the San Remo on two occasions and found the food brilliant and the staff very helpful. We both had 'Gyro's large kebabs', I had chicken and my husband had pork. This consists of a delicious pitta bread rolled with meat(which you can see cooking), salad, chips and a superb garlic mayonnaise. Best kebab I have ever tasted.Well worth a visit.

Neil K           

The food here is so nice. Me and my family love it. Every time we get here in the early hours we always go in there and have something to eat and we have been doing that ever year we arrived out there in the early hours. Food gets better every time me and my family go in there.

Dj M           

San Remo?  Just about THE best place to sit and watch the muppet show.  At about 2.00am, grab a beer and some grub, take a seat and watch the antics of the "guys and gals" as they turn out from the bars, and try and work out which way they should be walking and with whom.  The grub's good, but the free entertainment is better!!

Laura H           

This is where i had the best kebabs in my life!we had at least 4, we just could not help being greedy, and this chips inside were a nice suprise.

the bread was a lovely mix between a pita brad and naan bread.
as lauren mudd did not actually eat from san remo, i dont think she should comment, as it would be impossible for her to say those bad things!
we are returning as soon as we can

Natalie K           

This is da best greek/english take away in town (even beta than mcdonalds). Gyros Plate is the best, we luv em. Very nice to eat here when you arrive early hours in the morning. The locals of sidari always use this fast food restaurant when they finish work so this should say something good about here. Will go bk

Helen M           

Got a take away from here - a whole chicken for EUR8.50

When we got it back to the apartment and opened the hot bag it was full of chips as well.

Really tasty. Wish we'd have tried it before!



Lauren M           

we didn't actually go to san remo but it looked nothing better than a cheap and tacky burger bar, ok so i never went in but thats wat it looks like

Glyn T           

one of the best restraunts in sidari the kebab sandwichs are great

Joanna W           

We go to san remo every year!! my hubby cannot survive without one of their gorgeous kebabs!!!! Its very clean and the service is great, you can see the food getting cooked and prepared in front of you!!!!

Karen W           

Everything was fantastic, especially the Kebabs!!!!

Alison M           

went there heaps of times while there last year and the times weve been before.Really nice food,gotta try the chicken kebab with tzatziki sauce....yummy.

Donna T           

This is a sit-in or take-away but pretty good (especially after a few beers). Also, the local greeks eat there - always a good sign!