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Andrea E

travelled to kos  to kefalos with olympic. effichia apartments. toilet dirty drains in bathroom floor cloged up with dirt. no proper shower , had to hold with hand and shower head dirty  and cracked so water spurted everywhere.  no back up switch for solar heating so as we had bad weather in october 2011 for 5 days we had cold showers!!!!!  worse than this though.  Battery in smoke alarm had been removed!!!!!!  we asked another couple in apartments to check theirs  and this was the same.  rep said dont worry leave it with me.  nothing was done.  would not travel with olympic again !!!!!!!!

Michael J          10/10

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I have traveled with Olympic a few times and have all ways found them to be very good and helpful with any problems I have had, I would recommend them to my friends for a good holiday.

Zoe H          9/10

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HI its zoe hallett ...i visited roda in august 2007, i thought you were great except when our tour guide said to meet us somewhere he did'nt turn up. But other than that it was fab!!

Blake B          9/10

hi,love the boarding very good but only the was we had a sister who had only turned 2 and she had to sit on her self on a diffrent rowso we wernt very pleased but apart from the it was brill i would give them a 95% mark on that point

Michelle F

Have to say, this was the worst flight we had been on, the plane was Air Malta, and the cabin staff were totally ignorant and looked like they wished they weren,t there (on the outbound flight), there was no film to watch and no music and we were not given an explanation of why not.  The plane on take off was extremely noisy and did not sound very healthy.  The plane journey home was a little better after a 6 hour delay at Corfu airport because of engine problems!!!! but the cabin crew were british and extremely pleasant even though we had to stop at Venice to refuel, they made the trip home a bit more bearable and we managed to watch a film which kept the kids entertained.

The rep at the resort seemed to be very nervous at times when dealing with people, especially the welcome meeting, as he just seemed to read through his notes as quickly as possible.  When we were picked up to come home in the morning he was as miserable as sin, and hardly said two words to anyone.  He then dropped us at the airport, told us which line to get in roughly and then cleared off.  We then had to wait to hear from someone else about the flight delay, and no one seemed to know exactly what was going on.  Very badly organised!!!!

Angharad T

I'm never going to travel with Olympic ever again, the organisation of everything could've been better by a 5 year old!

Michelle C           

I have to admit being a bit worried about travelling with Olympic after reading some of the comments but we had no problems what so ever. 

the flight with Monarch is the best flight ive ever had,  at least they let you sleep and don't pester you contstantly throughout the flight and the meals were really nice.  The reps at the airport were great,  very organised and knew exactly what they were doing.
 We stayed in Kavos and our rep Mark was great, very friendley and always happy to help.  We had no problems so didn't really need to see him but he was there every day saying hello to everyone, checking everyone was O.K.  Always happy to help.
On the way back they checked that everyone got in the correct que for the flight home unlike other companys who just leave you to fend for yourselves.  We had to que outside for an hour but thats down to the airport at corfu not the tour company.
overall i was very impressed

Nathan R           

our rep was gr8 csome nites we went up the town with er

Angela F           

Olympic Holidays are one of the cheapest Tour Operators on Corfu.

I have travelled with Olympic twice a year for the last 7, and we have been very lucky in the accomodation we have chosen. We go to Ipsos every time and now will only stay in ONE of their properties in the village as they are the best. Here is MY oppinion of ones I have stayed at and/or seen.
VASSILIS is their 2nd best property but has no pool, there is a pool close by but the accomodation it belongs to is now used by Italians. The rooms are basic but have everything you need, and in the 4 times we have stayed there, the rooms have always been kept clean with regular linen changes.
CHRISTINA is down a dark, at night, track with no pool.
ANDREAS, known as PERIVOLI on this site, stayed here once many years ago and were lucky yo have one of the big rooms in the annex behind the launderette, my step daughter is just back and although the pool was big and clean, the owner decided to allow the Italians to pay for the use of the pool. Not all Italians are bad but this year there has been a fair bit of trouble over there. The room was still uncleaned from the previous occupyer when they arrived and only had 1 linen change. I will leave my stepdaughters boyfriend to write more.
YANNIS, never stayed here but they look pleasant enough and the reviews are fairly good, the pool looks nice and inviting. Only problem I would have is the steep hill up to the Hotel. Some say it is not so steep when drunk.
SLOMOU, in the same vacinity as YANNIS. Same hill.
I have saved the best till last, though I will not go into too much detail as it is getting harder and harder to book a holiday to these appartments.
SEASCAPE: The best, the best owners, a wonderful family. The best Studios/Appartments.

Leane F           

OLYNIC were fantasitic. we stopped at yinetta at kavos corfu and the rep mark and staff were so good and helpful.

see y next year

Tom C           

a group of ten of us went to kavos this summer for the booze holiday. we went with olympic who in our eyes were everything we needed... had the welcome meeting where we were told what we could do, what we could book like the booze cruise and aqualand. the booze cruise was the best around and it was all good prices. they organised a bar crawl aswell for all the olympic customers and there were hundreds of us going to all the bars and these were the best nights going. would definatly go with them again!!

Belinda R           

I have to say we have been to many greek islands with Olympic and have never had any problems. But I have to say we like to do our own thing. We always go to the welcome meeting out of courtesy and to know the best places to go but as I said we like to do our own thing so never book anything with them always book our own things in the resort. The reps have always been informative and helpful so you have to speak as you find. We go on holiday to enjoy ourselves so as long as it is clean thats the main thing then we get on with having a good time. I think a lot of poeple just like to complain. We have had more problems with other companies  than Olympic. So go ahead and enjoy.


Leah M           

Hello, I travelled with Olympic holidays in October and stayed in Fiona Theodoros Apts in Roda. I can not agree with some of the comments towards the rep 'Jennifer' as I thought she was a lovely girl and always had time for her guests. Even though her job is very hard and demanding coupled with the grief  that she suffers from moany holiday makers only makes her job all the more difficult!! She always had time to talk to her guests and was always around the pool or bar area mingling with guests and making them feel welcome. Alot of other guests told me the same thing about Jennifer. She was always on time and was there when the information board said she would be!!!  I really don't understand why people are complaining about Jennifer! Olympic Holidays should be happy that she was the face of the company as she is very professional and friendly in everything that she does for the company.

I will be visiting Roda next year with my family and I hope that Jennifer Macgill is our rep!!!
Happy Holidays.

Collette R           

Wonder if anyone can help, we are thinking of going to Corfu in September and must admit the best offers are with Olympic, do you have any suggestions on where to stay and what apartments?

Would be grateful of any comments before we book



olympic reps r a joke- n if i dint njoy the place i go2 i wouldnt ever travel with them again but as the apts i go2 r olympic owned- i have2!!! the airport has been mensioned but it aint the reps fault- wel not a lot of it but the way they line u up in a total a**e. all in all olympic need 2 sort their priorities out

Stephanie B           

I read this site before we left for our holiday with Olympic and I must say it got me a bit worried!!  All I can really say is that we had no trouble travelling with Olympic and I would not hesitate to travel with them again!  Ok we didn't see very much of our rep - but that suited us just fine as it means you are not being pestered and can go about doing your own thing!  Overall we had a great holiday with no complications and no problems whatsoever.

Lynne S           

well where do I start!!! I must say that our rep Leanne was excellent and did everything we asked and the apartments were very good but anything else to do with Olympic was disgusting. Our flights with Monarch were atrocious. I am registered disabled after having a knee replacement and was shocked to find that I would have to pay to be able to have extra essential leg room on the plane. I had to endure 3 hours of pain instead on the most cramped plane I have ever been on. You even have to pay to hire the headphones???. We also requested a ground floor apartment and ended up on the first floor with two flights of stairs to climb. The transfers to and from the airport were a joke. we landed in 42 degree temp to sit on a coach for 2 hours with no air con. the driver didnt help us get the cases on or off the coach and was constantly on his mobile phone or playing with the radio when he was supposed to be concentrating on the road. The transfer took longer there and back as he kept stopping for a drink on the way and it didnt help that he didnt know where he was going!!. Once there we paid to go on the bar crawl on the first night as we were promised free shots in every bar and a 2 hour free bar at one place. We actually got half hour free bar and no shots and were taken to the most expensive bars in town. the shopping trip to Corfu town was good apart from having to walk to the other end of town because the coach driver wouldnt drive into the centre to pick us up.Again it took longer to get back as he took a detour to drop a lady friend off at home. I was extremely disappointed with olympic and would never travel with them again

Debbie L           

 I have just read all the other opinions of this tour operator and i have to agree with all the bad things that have been stated.
I got to Corfu airport at 5.10 am.  we waited an hour for the baggage to come through. when we got outside,  there was no rep to take us to our accommodation .  I hired a taxi ( 40 euro) when i got to my apartments the owner asked me why I didnt come on the coach? I told him that there was nobody to meet me..
The owner stated that he would have a word with th Rep.  I didnt see the Rep for 2 days. When I finally laid eyes on her, she did not acknowledge me once. (even after the owner told her who I was)  I didnt see her again for a further 2 days. Still no acknowledgment.  No info was given for the coach back to the airport. When I found out when it was coming (from the other guests) it was too early. I used a taxi again.
I will never use Olympic Holidays again and will spread the word. I agree that there are good reps for the company and I do not like to tar them all with the same brush, However, this one how dare can she call herself a rep!! it beggars belief... From Now on I will book  and arrange my own holidays now as I believe that if you want a job doing properly, do it yourself!!!

Becky S           

i think olympic holidays are great and i would deffonatly travel with them again!


For what we paid and what we got we have no complaints the flights were good accomodation average-good location excellant this holiday was our first with Olympic and i would go again with this Tour Operator.

James B           

Olympic customer services?HA THATS A JOKE

Kim H           

Add your comment here... well where do i start........we have just arrived back from sidari today....what a time we had in the end the holiday was brilliant thanks to Nicos at Christakis appartments but no thanks to Olympic ....We were supposed to stay at Takis appartments which we were finally dumped at after 3 hours on a coach  Olympic stated 1hour 20 mins transfer time on the website.Kerry the nice tranfer rep haha first insisted we climb metal spiral staircase with our cases i and another lady slipped and hurt our ankles while going up these stairs.then she tried to tell me that i had only booked 1 appartment which slept only 3 people for 5 of us after a phone call she then showed my mum and dad to another room which had already been allocated when she saw this she looked the door and insisted she must get on with her transfer run when we all objected to the rooms she had given us which were filthy and smelt bloody awful she told us we would have to sit it out till midday when our own rep would appear at this time it was7.45am we had flown through the night there was no water or electric as there had been a storm she did not tell us that we had to find out off other guests i've never seen a girl run so fast when 9 of us insisted so do something After 2 phone calls our rep got to us and to be fair Jayson was not impressed with what he saw......for starters the cook getting water from the swimming pool to wash up no i'm not joking that happened.Finally at 13.30 hours after alot of shouting off alot of very tired hungry people his head rep agreed to move us to our little bit of heaven called the Christakis appts

this place was a palace compared to what we had just left Nicos was great as was his daughter and the cleaner we have filled in complaint forms which we were told we would get a reply within 2 weeks to say they have recieved the letter and we should hear with in a month what they decide (SHOULD BE INTERESTING FEW WEEKS )we did see Kerry again while we were at the Christakis and she completely ignored us all but spoke to other guests as she past if she thinks she did her job properly that day then why not say hello  as you  can guess we will now be looking to go with another company for our next holiday......will also be updating this once we here from customer services!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James B           

Going back to roda in june,but not with olympic,they are a joke.

Angela F           

Hi Girls,
You lot are great, most of you!!! You know what I mean!!
Gonna miss you not being there Claire, glad you will be getting some sun somewhere though. Spoke to Chrissie at the weekend, she is staying in the UK this year but will be venturing over for lots of wild weeks away. George is back along with the family, which made our year.Gonna miss Val and Kath this time, they are out in May and we don't go till June but Rob and Lynne are out at the same time as us. Have fun in everything you do Claire, take care(no more bikes!!!). Any bruises latley?
angela_foster35@hotmail.com if you want to drop us a line. Let us know if you are going to get out to Corfu at anytime.

Angela and Graham

Jemma W           

unfortunatyl everything ive written on here is true !!

they do explain in training the good/bad times of the job but unfortunatly they fail to mention the s**t you have to go through when you have an a**ehole of a head rep who refuses to help you !! olympic have alot of issues which i know they are currently resolving and i hope for their uk based staff they resolve these ! i had the best time over there and dont regret repping for one minute, i was out last summer repping for a different company its until then you realise the massive differance in organisation and support which is offered ! olympic on a whole offer good value for money basic accomodation !!! theres alot of things i havent went into on here but i promise they would open your eyes to the way you view olympic holidays if i were to go into detail !!!

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