Best Time to Visit

Michelle G          4/10

To sum up - Too Bloody Hot!!!! Humid Sticky and the heat just made you lethargic - I think I will leave August for all the die hard sun worshippers in future lol x

Cripes it was too warm for me I'm afraid although I sought shelter most days under a brolly at Bed Bar with Akis lol!!!!!
But I tried August at least..... and still had a bloody wonderful time as I do every year!!!!
Me thinks I will stick to May and June in future.

Linda H          10/10

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August is,hot! amazing- definately best time to go.. who wants to spend a fortune on a fabulous holiday and see clouds....NOT ME! we can stay in cool old UK for that-dearer obviously cos of the school hols but it is not packed and wouldnt even consider any other time of yr.. SIDARI SUNSET 8TH AUG 2008-HEAVEN ON EARTH

Sxc N          10/10

AUGUST is defo the best time to visit. me and my family have travelled here in may, june, july,aug and sept and the best time is august without a diubt we always get hit by heatwaves. BRING ON THE HEAT!!!!!! LOVE IT XX

Sylvia C

Again a great time to visit if you like hot, hot, hot and busy, busy , busy. This is the month all the italians come to Corfu so it is mega busy. Not my favourite time.

Lisa W           

we went for my birthday in august and had a quality time nightlife brilliant and amazing weather! you should definatley visit at this time!!

Nathan R           

this is the best time its is in the 80s and it is so hot sometimes its hard to walk with out shoes on and the metal bars to get in the pool are burning

Gemma W           

I've just got back and August was a great time to go coz it's nearing the end of season, it's hot and so everybody just wants to rave and have fun before winter comes.


Went to Ipsos for the first two weeks in August.......

Weather was brilliant and had the best time of my life....
Only 1 downfall........ ITALIANS! The place was crawling with them and many tried to follow us home and did not understand what NO meant. They can get very agressive and work in packs! There is never 1 by themselves, there is always 5 or 6 following behind.... Don't go near Montecristo!
Otherwise, August rocked!

Kathryn P           

I went in August and the weather was brill ! Hot n sunny all day n warm at night!!


Daniel D

im going end on july to middle of august. just wondering did i pick a good time to go.


Have been here in June, July and August - would reccomend any of those months! definatley a good vibe about the place in Roda in august though!

Tom M           

Hi everyone. Went to Kavos last year and it was quality. Loads a good clubs and bars! Going this year with 9 mates so should be a laugh. If anyone knows what the Cavos Beach Club apartments are like please post a message! Or if there are any girls who wanna meet up with 9 20-23 years olds let me know.

Lindsay C           

We loved it! Nice and hot but my pal found it a bit too hot (each to their own!) Was really really busy though, watch out for those pesky PRS! Had a 3 and a half hr coach transfer though (we were last off the bus) which was pretty uncomfertable. Clubs and food were great! Nothing much to cater for the Scottish or Irish? Anyone else notice that?

Jo M           

Me,my family and friends have been goin to corfu for 16yrs i would recommend anyone with children should go in july and August as thats its busiest time if you are older and want a more quiter holiday then i would suggest May.The wheather is always at its best in August.The island of Corfu is beauitful it still has all its old features and traditional Greek restaurants.Roda and Sidari are the places to stay.

Andrea J           

Just got back yesterday, Sidari was great, not too packed, and no problems from Italians at all!
Weather was amazing, over 100 degrees every day, brilliant blue skies, absolutely gorgeous!

Lauren M           

who cares about the italians when theres the greeks. don't be bothered anyway there all harmless. went to sidari if anyones gointhere strongly recommend olympic restaurant an calypso bar and practically everywhere on the main road (please read my other reviews). a fantastic atmosphere. august the best cos its the busiest, hottest month an thats what you need for a good, no, brilliant holiday!!!!!! i guarentee go to sidari in august and you will return every year i know i will lauren aged 13 xxxx

Lee H           

we are off to sunny corfu, kavos on the 26th of july any coments welcome

Ray M           

in answer to Diane Williams Question: we have been going to sidari for 4 years now and have had a fantastic holiday every year,we have a daughter whos 7 now and she has always made new friends out there,we have been all round the world and have never been to a more child friendly family friendly place,you will love it

Paul S           

in answer to your question diane williams i would say go in august to SIDARI it it just the best place to meet new people i have been to SIDARI for three years running now and have met new people every year so i hope i have helped make your mind up

Lisa M           

Tereza Apartments Sidari

Stayed for two weeks 11th to 26th weather lovely not a cloudy day very hot and quite sticky! so keep dipping in the pool or sea!
would recommend to any one

Leanne W           

Blue Bay Escape, St Spridon

FANTASTIC We went for two weeks in the June, we are going again in 3 weeks time. Clean, food good, clean, staff helpful, clean Get the picture. Great views, good rooms, excellent food, entertainment a little brits abroad but they do their best with the budget they are given.

Chris M           

Got back from Gouvia in Corfu a few weeks ago and it was a brilliant week out if you want a young lively holiday but without the same old rude boy yob culture you get in Kavos. You can drink in the clubs and bars without worrying about some loud mouth coming up to you and looking for a ruck. Just loads of friendly people from all over euruope having a good old knees up. The Italian men were abit of a bother (persistant barstards, get your hands off my women!)but at the end of the day the girls said no to them.
I recomend going to Sammys cafe/bar in Gouvia on the high street as they show all the latest films from the u.k.'s cinemas before there even out and live british football whilst the waiters there are british and really friendly (if you go there look out for my Crystal Palace shirt hanging up on the wall).
So all in all if you want a young fun holiday but relaxed at the same time go to Gouvia cause im going back for more next year.


Corfu - and especialy Ipsos in my experience is fine in August as long as you dont mind being bombarded by the Italians, who seem to over run the place in the first 3 weeks of august..girls beware!

David S           

Been in St. George for 2 weeks and it has been the hottest summer out here for 137 years! Had a great time and everyone was fine as long as they kept the sun tan lotion topped up and drank lots! Trying to sleep was quite hard some nights with no air conditioning or fan but after a few drinks you soon drop off!

Lisa M           

Got back 26th August not a bad day in our two weeks
would recomend to any one

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