Sidari - (Resorts on Corfu)

Rachel B          10/10

ive just got home from sidari, which was my best holiday ever...we stayed in the "corfu parmar" hotel and it was gorgeous, it was very clean and the staff were really friendly, i have to say if u want a good night out the best bars to go to are shakers calypso especially and falcon, they play the best music and offer the best to im gonna miss all the people that we got friendly with and i hope we keep in touch luv yas xx

Calypso Bar - (Bars in Sidari)

Rachel B          10/10

Just got back from sidari on monday n hell yea i have to agree that calypso is definitely the best bar in sidari..luvd it xx

SOS Bar - (Bars in Sidari)

Rachel B          9/10

hyaaa peeps

we enjoyed our time talking to the people outside sos they are very friendly n we made some good friend which we will mis loads n we hope to cyas again when we come back next year  lv yas xx

Falkon Bar - (Bars in Sidari)

Rachel B          10/10

The fish bowls in ths bar are the biggest ever n the bar staff are really friendly, when we were in sidari we hopped from calypso to falkon n shakers all night cos they were definitely the best..we had a good dance in here n a few drinks..cant remember much though  i would definitely recconmend it though

Palma Corfu Apts - (Accommodation in Sidari)

Rachel B          10/10

these appartments are very clean n i would highly reccommend it to anyone who wants a peaceful holiday..the staff were very friendly and make my holiday a hoping to come back here next year as it made my holiday worth while..thank you xx