Scrivas - (Accommodation in Kavos)

Susannah R           

Myself and two of my mates stayed in Scrivas in May this year. We all had a pretty good time. Taz the bar man was great fun. Anybody who is going this year, tell Taz to "SHAKE IT BABY"!!! He'll know what I'm going on about! Scrivas was about a 20-25 minute walk from Kavos main town centre which can be a bit much after a night out in Kavos, especially considering the state of the roads - watch out for the holes! My favourite bar would most definately have to be The London. A kickin bar playin RnB and Hip Hop till the early hours of the morning. Check it out. Julias the bar man was wicked with the bottle!!! The accommodation was all pretty basic. The only comfortable night sleep I had was on the beach (says alot about the beds at Scrivas doesn't it). I thought the bar food was a bit expensive for what it was, so I would suggest eating else where. Michaels Restaurant, five minutes up the road, was fantastic. A good mix of traditional greek and english food fairly priced. I am trying hard to go back to Kavos this July 'cause I had such an excellent time but most probably wouldn't choose to stay at Scrivas.

Marina Beach Apartments - (Accommodation in Kavos)


Anyone who is going to stay at the Marina Beach this year, please say a HUGE hello to Andy (if he's still working there).