Trip to Aqualand

Corfu Excursions

Darren M           

Cost us 20 euros from a place round the corner from our hotel. It's well worth going, great fun and it'll probably be one of the highlights of your holiday. Don't pay through the nose with your reps, check out the local travel places, you could save yourself quite a bit of money.


This was the best day of our holiday!!! Dont book it through your rep, if you walk along the strip you get the same trip much cheaper!!! the rep tried to charge us 37 euro and in the end we payed 20! they say you get reserved sunbeds if you book with the reps but all the sunbeds are free anyway so its not worth the extra 17 euro for sunbeds that are already there!!! there are loads of great slides and pools. a top day out, i would recommend tsking your own lunch tho as food and drink is quite pricey!

Bob H           

Took only one excursion after viewing this site, 43 euro's for 2 adults and one child, (not fom a rep) excellent day (last Thursday) took pack lunch and early on in the day moved to the loungers at the wave pool. Padded loungers based there and went on all the rides top day go if you are travelling to Corfu, won't be disappointed.

Dave M           

top place, quite expensive but if you take your own grub you can't really knock it! and it didn't smell of s**tty eggs (bellend!)

Michelle E           

We went to Aqualand the Greek way and went on the local buses from Dassia and saved over 50 euros, do not book through your rep. The place was brilliant and all the rides were close together, also the lazy river is a must. We went a week ago and it was nice and quiet but take lots of sun cream as it is a sun trap up there. Definately go it is the biggest Water park in Europe! :o)

Lauren M           

to kelly, definately book locally you get everything the same but cheaper, book with vlasseros travel, good exchange rate 2!

Julie L           

Aqualand saved my holiday - by the time we went my 14 year old daughter had had enough. We did book it through the tour rep and were charged 130 euros for the 4 of us - but by then (read about Anemona studios palecastritsa) I would have paid anything for a good day out.

The slides etc were fantastic and well worth what we paid. I went with my parents (in late 50's) and my daughter - my father and daughter were no where to be seen for most of the day - he was just as much a big kid as her. This place is great and even the food was'nt too bad ( 2.80 euro for large hotdog and 1.60 euro for chips). The only down side was the lockers - 5 euros per person which I thought was steep.

Again as previously said by others - avoid wednesday and sunday - all of the tour operators go then and the place is busy - but we still enjoyed it.

Rod L           

we had a fantastic time !!

one of the best we've ever been too. try and get there early to avoid some of the q's.

Lauren M           

we LOVED aqualand it was fantastic soooooooooooo fun! i recommend this trip to anyone as there are small slides and play areas for babies/toddlers and bigger slides for eveyone else, have fun!!!!!!

Kelly E           

thanks claire and carl for your help x x x

Claire D           

Kelly, a bit of friendly advice. DO NOT BOOK WITH THE REPS!!!!! We were told that it would take half an hour to get to Aqualand (from Roda) on a coach with the company Manos. In fact it took us 2 hours 10 minutes! No air conditioning on the coach, and no rep either, Which was difficult when we were told we were going to get picked up, as we did not know what coach to get on! Everybody traveling by coach was waiting outside at 4:30, which was alot of people! Aqualand in itself was brilliant, but my advice is get a taxi, as they are cheap enough!!

Michelle B           

We thought Aqualand was brilliant. We didnt book through our rep but went by taxi and got to the park at 10 when it opened. We were able to go on all the rides and slides way before it got busy with no queues.

Kelly E

we are staying in sidari at the end of september. can anyone tell me how long the coaches take to get to aqualand? and is it better to book with the rep or locally?

Shirley P           

Went to Aqualand in July 04.What a great waterpark for all ages,something for everyone.We hired a car for a few days and found if you go at 3pm it's cheaper to get in,12euros-adult and 9euros per child.At around 4pm the coaches pick up the guests who have been there all day so there are virtually no queues!!.In July/August its open until 7pm,so you've plenty time to enjoy all the slides and theme pools-brilliant.Highly recommended.Our journey from St.George Sth took about 1hour.

Adam R

how long is it from Roda to aqualand and where is the cheapes place to book it

Stuart M           

This place is great...but... don't go on a Wednesday as this is the day that Thomas Cook and Thomsons and such like go and it is mobbed, you have to wait in long queues to go on the rides. Any other day is more leisurely. Great place, thoroughly recommended.
We paid 15 euros per adult and 13 each for kids, this was booked at Valueplus in Sidari and included buses to and from the Park from Sidari.


Got back on the 6th July...thought aqualand was fab! Much nicer and bigger than other ones i've been to on past hols. Paid 25 euro each which inc mini bus- just booked through one of the shops on the street in ipsos. Got there at 11am and was picked up at 5.30pm so lots of time to do everything. Some mad slides and a wave machine pool- that was a laugh! Lots of sun loungers when you wanna chill, and the fast food is actually quite nice for this type of place..obv more pricey than anywhere else but found it okay. Go here for a good day out.

Catherine A           

We LOVED it!!!

Great day out for all the family, sun loungers for adults who dont want to slide, no queues, SERIOUSLY!!! The longest we waited was 3 minutes!

A wonderful day. Our rep charged us 32 euros each when you could buy tickets in town for 15 but we left at 08:30 when the earliest we could find in town was 11:30.

Worth looking around in town before you commit yourself, the rep will give you a hard sell on this one so bide your time and look ariound first.



Aqualand is like any theme park if you have the transport available just go there yourself and pay on the gate thats what we do we have never yet booked it through any reps or travel agents.

I think there are buses that go past the main gate but dont know any more than that since we always have a hire car

It is an excellent water park and we love going. the death slides are a must for the adrenalin junkie in you

Ashley L

Im off to sidari on friday the 11th june!only 4 days to go!but i was wondering if anyone can recommend a agent to book a trip to aqualand in sidari? as i have been told the holiday company reps charge about double the price!thanks xx

Alexis S           

Hi just got back from corfu 24th may, we went 2 aqualand twice cos it was so good. But i wouldn't book through your rep they tried charging us 35e each plus 20e from my son who is two. Aqualand don't even charge for under 4. We went 2 a local travel agent and paid 50e for the 3 of us. i stayed in acharavi there is loads of travel agents there all speaking english. The one down by the pumphouse was the cheapest. All the slides were brill and im proud 2 say i went down the 24m free fall it's ashame the wave pool wasn't open but it was due 2 open the next week. The only thing was the food and drinks were alot so i would take ypur own drinks.
I would love 2 go back again, iv got brillent pictures
Dave and julie if u read this iv lost your email please email us

Steve J           

We stayed at Yannis in Ipsos, we was the last pick up so the journey was nice and short, I saw many tired/sick looking faces of people who had travelled much further!
We went in the last week of May, there was NO queues, we just got on any ride we wanted to.
Only bad point, the enclosed tube rides that "do not" use the rubber rings are lethal on your back and you feel like you're being put through torture! Only do the ones with rings!
They have 1, 2 and three man rubbers rings available.
The wave pool was a bit disappointing, sitting around for ages and ages for 5minutes of waves!
The trip is from 10am-4pm, which gives good time for rides, food and drying off period! Lockers only cost 3euro, (actually 5euro but you get 2euro back when you hand key in).

Dave .           

Hi can you tell me how long it takes to get to AquaLand from Kavos please???!!! Thanks!!

Stamatis C           

HI!! I am a 21years old student and I am from Corfu.Aqualand is absolutely marvelous ,just like the whole island.Now about the clubs enywhere you go in Cavos you are going to have FUNNNNN!!!Preety ant nasty girls are having a n axquisite time!!If you would like a guide I would be happy to show you Corfu,Jyust e-mail me!!!!!

Angel W           

Hey peeps Aqualand sounds fab i would really like to visit it!!! Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get there from Kavos? thanx!

Dave B           

I went to Aqualand last year and it was great. Well worth the money. I booked it through my Thomson rep but my mate booked it through a shop on the street and the coach was 2 hours late and stopped at loads of places. I'll go back this year and my advice is book through your rep - its a bit more expensive but at least the bus turns up!

Jan+nigel C           

Aqualand has its own website with everything yiu need to know ie prices and location.
We've been a couple of times. It's a great place but the food and drink inside is quite expensive. I recomend taking your own in a cool bag.
Hope ypu enjoy it!!

Lisa P           

it's the most huge water park i have ever seen, i went august 2003 and are going again, i think it was about 10-20 euros, but whatever the price, IT'S WORTH IT!

1 bad point:alot of wasps (only like the rest of corfu)!

Jemma F

i would like to know how much it is to visit aqualand? i am visting sidari in june and really want to come to aqualand

Mel T           

it woz da bst water park eva!!!! ive bin dere 1nce before but itz go much betta!!!!!!! c ya l8r loadza love mel frm marg8!!! x

Maria R           

Brilliant ! Cheaper if you drive yourself and a def good day out !

Norm R           

Absolute Sweetness!!!!!


Went to aqualand July this year. It was by far the best waterpark i have been to so far. The coach ride from Kassiopi took about one and a half hours. It was tiring but well worth the wait. All the attractioms were really good but the lazy river is the best if you want a tamer ride. There is lots to do for young children. The one thing i found good was like most waterparks it wasnt a total sun trap!! The price is very ressonalble you can either book through your tour operator or a private company. We booked through thomson as we knew that we would get thier and back. AQUALAND is well worth the visit and cant wait till i go back their next year!


aqua land is about 45 min to an hour on a coach from sidari.

Julie W

Aqua land sounds gread does anyone know approx how far it is from Sidari? cheers

Simon P           

It has slides, water, sun etc. Say no more fantastic day out. Watch out for the bloody timeshare people as you go in. They are not pushy but if they get their hooks into you say goodbye to up to 4 hours

Rachel G           

Aqualand was definitely worth the money. The lazy river rules!

David S           

Aqua land is probably the best water park we have visited out of all the holidays i have been on throughout Europe. The price to get in is 17 euros for adults and less for kids under 12, however we found that by booking with our rep the price was almost double as they were charging us as much for the coach as they were to get in for each person. We hired a Citroen C3 for around 100 for 4 days and drove up to the park and spent the day there. Car was more than the coach would have been but not that much more than it would have been for our party and we got to explore alot more of the island than just aqua land.

We had a brilliant day however there are loads of wasps around especially at the food counters so stay in the water if you dont want the wasps around you all day!

Lisa M           

We loved it!
If you book this in Sidari Adults 16 Euros and children under 13 11 Euros
Some thing there for all ages, food fairly priced on average with every where else.
Lookers and shower rooms available a real fun day out for all the family

Samir W           

Hey girls (nicola & friends), me and my mates r in calypso appmts from 29th if u still around, hope the season hasn't died out cause we up for wicked time as well!


I didn't get to go but i reaally really wanted to. i couldn't find a price better than 30 euros which i thought was pretty expensive. aqualand is near Agios Ioannis in the centre of Corfu. Under 4's got free. 36 different slides, 6 different children areas, 15 adventure pools, 180m family rafting and a 24m high free fall.

Tel: 06610 58351 or 06610 52963
Fax: 06610 58352

Gary G           

Went to Aqualand and really enjoyed it, but found out that some tour operators charged a lot less than we paid through our 1st choice rep, we were really ripped at a local tour operators its about two thirds cheaper. A couple of the slides have age restrictions of 8yrs and above on them, but as long as adults accompany under 8's down the slides its ok. Beware of the gratings in the sides of the lazy river ride, my wife caught her toe in it and nearly broke it. A must for active water lovers.

Gareth L           

Aqualand is great for any age! My girlfriend and I are both 19, but had loads of fun. Some of the slides are very extreme and fast, something for everyone! Book through a travel agent in the town (the one opposite the 3 brothers hotel is best) because the reps charge lots on top. You should be paying around 17-20 euros. Well worth going to

Jo J           

2 michael pace the best way to go is to book a trip either through your tour operator or one of the travel company shops on the street, wud suggest using one of the street companies. We payed 32 euros to go with tour operator and then l8r on found out the average price in the shops was about 17euros ooops, with both included in the price is an early morning pick up ours was 8:15 journey by coach then straight into the park enterance inc obviously then pick up at about 5 nd drop off close 2 ur apartments. I think this is the best way to get there, the only other poss i suppose is to hire a car and find ur own way there good luck but u shud def go.

Jo J           

Aqualand rules using the rings 2 go down the slides is great esp a 2man 1 on the crazy river when u both fall off and get stuck then end up going backwards!!! true story! also the free fall slides are cool v. scary a first then nice to chill on the lazy river, cute life guards millions of things to keep kids big nd little busy a great trip out.

Christopher W           


Lisa P           

i went to aqualand a couple of years ago and it was excellent! the lazy river had to be my favourite part of it! you can just relax whilst floating round on a rubber ring (a massive, comfy one!) and it's so relaxing and there's also a water ride that you can go down in a rubber ring and it's excellent!and definately worth your money! but watch out for the wasps whilst you eat!

Marcus A           

Aqua land was the highlight of my visit i went last year when i was 15 and it was fun 4 all ages. MUST GO

Michael P

we are going to Corfu on June 20, We are staying at st George South,How far is Aqua land from here and the best way to travel to it.

Gillian D           

I thought Aqualand was brill, the day just went so quick cauase there was so much to do there, lots of slides. The two blue vertical drop ones were the best!!

Tommy H           

We booked to go with Thomsons who are quite dear, there are lots of other people doing it cheaper. It's a great day out though whether you want to go on the water slides or not. Our 11 year old daughter was able to do her own thing and we were able to take some sun drift around the lazy river etc. A very easy relaxing day and a must for any family.

Steffi E           

In my opinion, it was great! The food was the only so-so thing about it. I visited Aqualand last year it was half-way through August. That, I think, is the best time to visit because they have brought out new attractions and there has still been enough time to know for sure that they are safe enough to ride. I suggest anyone going to Aqualand that they book with Ericos because someone said they paid 16 euros apiece to go! In our case we saved a lot. It was 7 euros each for me and my family! Well, that's all folks! Bye!

Sam S

where is aqualand in Corfu?

Karen J           

We went to Aqualand on Sunday 11th May 2003 but wasn't told by anyone that it was the opening day! The widely advertised Wave Pool (new for 2003) didn't even have any water in it and by about 1 o'clock most of the slides had also closed because they'd run out of water - not very good for a waterpark really! I'm glad that we paid 17 euros each for the entrance ticket only - we had hired a car for 3 days so made our own way there - as I would have been really disappointed if we'd paid 33 euros each for the organised Thomson trip!

An B

im staying in aghious gordios in may and i would like to visit aqua land,is it easy to get to on a bus or in walking distance? will it be open? thank u x

David H           

great fun for all the family plenty of slides to suit both young/old.As many of you will agree the food is awfull and youll need a re-morgage just for those awfull chips/beer.dont be put off though its fun/hot/long day out well worth it.we spent 8 weeks last summer in san steff/arrilas and love the island .if you go to arrilas go to georg's bar and ask for lewis and julie [the friendliest english people on the island.they'll tell you where to go what to do and even do private excursions/day trips.if you havent been to corfu your missing out BIGTIME.

Mary M           

A great day out! There are numerous slides to suit all ages- from the very tame to the downright terrifying ie The Black Hole! Even if you don't like going on the slides you can still have a great time on the slow moving River Ride where you sit in a rubber ring and are gently pulled around the circuit or lounge about in the splash pools. A word of warning about the food - it is diabolical and VERY expensive, so take your own or starve all day! Another tip - take PLENTY of sun protection and reapply often, as the effects of the water and reflection of the sun can cause terrible sunburn (ask my hubby!) ENJOY!

Kim H           

Not so cheap from what I remember but the park is so brilliant that it's definetly value for money! Slides superb, queues not too long even in mid July, and excellent fun all round! Recommended for groups of teenagers or families...but get there early for a decent space near to the pools, you may have to walk for ages if you dont! Kim xXx

Edward F

we are looking to go to dassia or ipsos, only because we are told the aqualand park is near, how near? with 2 kids we want to be able to find something for them to do, as we are looking at 2 wks. can anyone help please

Emma R           

Great fun for all ages,one of the best waterparks we've been to,didn't queue long for the rides.Food a bit expensive so take a picnic.The black hole is the best ride.

Kevin B

going to sidari on7th of oct this year whats it like is there plenty to do for my 4 daughters in tow to do ages18 18 13 10 so me and the missus can have our own space and time i.e how far is aqualand away and any other places of intrest to see gratefull for any advice. ps if any one wants a nice family hol try puerto pollensa first time abroad last year fantastic..............

Philip C           

Go trhrough a travel shop + you get a great bargain, 19Euros for enrtry, free slides + coach journey there + back (45 mins each way) Twisters, Kamakaze, Black hole + Death slides are ace!! Takes a full day to go on each 1. Plus theres an el fresco bar, lockers, changing area, swimming pool, sunbeds + an amazing childrens jungle area (top 4 adults too) Nice!

Maggie H           

We've been to Florida three times and this park is on a par with the ones there - they are only short of a wave pool. Loads of different slides suitable for all ages and the kids have three areas - one of them has as many adults on as kids !! Great fun and well worth the money

Laura backhouse & frances            

It was a great day out! Had loads of laughs on the many slides and then it was great to relax on the lazy river. There was lots of room to sun bathe aswell as baby section. Great for all ages.

Sarah S           

Aqualand is excellent, loads of good slides and stuff. No complaints except for the usual greek toilets